A Mario Kart Takedown More Cruel Than The Blue Shell

A Mario Kart Takedown Crueler Than The Blue Shell

You think Mario Kart's blue shell is bad? You ain't seen nothing yet. This is how a true jerk dishes it out to their opponents in Mario Kart.

Granted, you might notice that the character getting punked in this video by Maple LeafSA is none other than Luigi, the kind of shade in Mario Kart 8. Maybe after all the death stares he's doled out, he kind of deserves it?

The Sound of Silence [Maple LeafSA]


    Not sure if skill or luck.

    Impressive nonetheless.

      HEAPS one off, no way is this a thing... impressive sure... but film enough of anything and I'm sure you can sift through and find the gold.

        *Shrug* Gold is still gold, no matter how it pans out.


    Is it really more cruel than the Blue Shell? He was already in second place to begin with, destined to take silver. He still came second. If anything, he had a greater chance to win by avoiding the girl with the shell than if she hadn't done it.

      Whoever sucks enough to get a blue shell lets it off not in the vain hope that they'll win, but to piss off their friend good and proper from half a track away. This is so much more personal.

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