A Match On The New Version Of League Of Legends' Most Popular Map

A Match On The New Version Of League of Legends' Most Popular Map

Video: With Dota 2 and all these upcoming MOBAs knocking on the door, and because League of Legends' popular map, Summoner Rift, is getting old and dated, Riot is working on an update and a graphical facelift. So here's the dev team showing us their progress with the update. It looks pretty cool so far and makes me want to see all those old champion models with shiny new designs too.

Summoner's Rift Livestream VOD [Riot Games, YouTube]


    I didnt even know League had more than 1 map :s

      Three maps at present. The normal 3 lanes and jungle, a single lane for ARAMs and the crystal scar ctfs-ish map.

        and the fourth map. The Twisted Treeline.

        There is actually 5 maps in total. The old 1v1 map that they used in worlds. Howling Abyss for ARAM. Dominion map and the Twisted Treeline map, along with of course summoner's rift.

        Depending on your server, you have access to different ones, with only the old 1v1 map being completely unavailable to the public by my knowledge.

          Haha, I forgot about Howling Abyss. It's not available all the time on OCE so it's easy to forget.

            Howling Abyss always is, its the ARAM map. Its there permanently. Its Twisted Treeline thats only sometimes available, and Crystal Scar never is at the moment, along with the 1v1 map (which I forget its name, Magma Chamber i think).

              Yeah, my bad. I only play ARAMs now so I don't know why I stuffed up the name :P Also Magma Chamber was canned (a while back, IIRC). It was supposed to be a 2v2 map

              Last edited 14/06/14 9:02 pm

                Yeh it was cancelled in terms of being publically available. The map still exists, and existed in professional play for 2v2 and 1v1, due to there only being 1 tower, and having a proper counter and all for the minion tally. They just adapted that to Howling Abyss though.

                  Magma chamber was originally a 5v5/6v6 map on a larger scale designed to be lane centric, however for what were most likely balance reasons it was changed into its current version.

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