A Reminder: Watch Dogs Is A Gorgeous Video Game

Dead End Thrills is one of my favourite video game related websites on the internet. It specialises in taking screenshots of video games at their absolutely best. Actually the word 'screenshot' doesn't really do it justice — this feels more like photography of virtual spaces. Dead End Thrills has focused its digital lens on Watch Dogs and the results are spectacular.

This photo of the city: the scale is pretty incredible.

This one is my favourite.

These are just a few example — head to the website for more. Way more.

It's interesting: plenty of reviews and gamers have been dismissive of Watch Dogs, but the great thing about Dead End Thrills is this: it really highlights games as art in the traditional sense. It takes a single moment and a single image to just highlight how much effort and work goes into making games visually arresting. It's great.


    What is this? I thought the internet decided to unanimously pan this game?

    Every game can look great, you just have to find the right screenshots for that potential to be found. Watchdogs does have some great places to screenshot indeed.

    I personally found the games biggest offence not in its graphics at all, but in its sheer adherence to mediocrity. It never once dared to be great, it chose mediocrity in gameplay, story and character and stuck with it like a mother****er. Graphically though, for a first generation PS4 game, I had no issue with it visually *shrug* given it was a cross generational game. If it was a game that was solely made for the XB0, PS4 and PC, I might have had a bigger issue.

      It did have some pretty awesome graphics but also some mind boggling ones, ie the windows that always showed a street behind you even when you were inside a building.

    whats that hat? this guy looks half decent my Aiden looked like a complete d-bag.

      I think that's one of the pre-order DLC outfits.

        Shoulda been the standard outfit, looks so much better than Aidens one. A noir feel for the game woulda worked so much better.

          Would have been cool if you could activate some filters too. A bit of film grain and some serious desaturation + contrast increase. :D


      All the standard possible outfit options are pretty crap. So I embraced Aidens d-baggery by outfitting him in a hoodie and flat peak cap combo.

        Baggy cargos? I went with steelwork for the majority of the game, looked pretty dusty/rough.

          yep - so he kind of blends in with the gangs... But I'm getting bored of it. My biggest critisism of this game is the lack of good outfits.

            hate it how how u find a jacket you like but the hat or pants you dont, some more customisation would be good, and like assassins creed he looks so over dressed in the cutscenes its retarded.

              His outfits (as with the assassins) make him more conspicuous because of how elaborate and ridiculous they are.

              But I did like wearing the yellow Bruce Lee jumpsuit in Sleeping Dogs and no one would bat an eyelid in the cutscenes.

    Pretty sure you have to dig through a volumetric tonne of shit, before you do find tiny diamond. The first screen shot isn't that good any way, if I wanted to see boring flat textured objects in the distance I would play an Ace Combat... and I hate Ace Combat.

    I foolishly brought on 360 yesterday, I'm enjoying the gameplay and such, but the graphics suck. I do wish I'd waited to buy an xbox one.

    Does anyone else feel a little uncomfortable at the interactions between Aiden and his sister? It kinda seems like he loves his sister just a bit too much if you know what I mean...

    I am loving the game. Maybe I'm just happy to take games as they are. People get caught up in the hype and have expected a lot more...not sure why? Personally I find it's delivered on what I've seen since its unveiling. For the most part, the visuals are very nice, there's plenty of detail which is quite impressive for such a large game.

      I didn't read too much about it and was honestly expecting a really linear corridor game, so was quite a pleasant surprise to get a mix of GTA, Splinter Cell and an RPG all mashed together.

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