A Video Game About Being A Mountain

A Video Game About Being A Mountain

Before this week, David O'Reilly was best known in the gaming scene for making the pretty-looking futuristic video games in the recent science fiction film Her. Sadly, none of them were actually playable for anyone other than Joaquin Phoenix's character in that movie. But now O'Reilly has returned with a playable video game that's just as off-beat and quirky as his fictionalised work: a mountain simulator.

Yes, you read that right. Mountain, as its name suggests, is a game about being a mountain.

No, that doesn't mean you'll be playing as The Mountain from Game of Thrones. That would certainly be awesome (or horrifying, depending on how you felt about that infamous episode). But let's be honest: that kind of Mountain Simulator has already been done. It's called God of War.

How does this compare to games that let you simulate other, slightly more animated subjects like, say, goats? Here's the wonderfully deadpanned feature list:

  • no controls
  • automatic save
  • audio on/off switch
  • time moves forward
  • things grow and things die
  • nature expresses itself
  • ~ 50 hours of gameplay
  • once generated, you cannot be regenerated

Alternatively to "mountain simulator", O'Reilly also describes Mountain as a "relax 'em up" or "art horror" game.

I'm really hoping that Mountain turns out to be something like Ed Key's soothing open-world experience Proteus, a game that he's described as a stripped-down version of Skyrim that abandons quests in favour of letting you sit back and admire the scenery. Judging by the first batch of visually stunning images, it certainly looks like it has a lot of potential:

A Video Game About Being A Mountain
A Video Game About Being A Mountain
A Video Game About Being A Mountain
A Video Game About Being A Mountain


    I'm a Moutain man, and I like Mountain women.

    Hmm that's a pretty good range of features for a Mountain simulator

    If I can't move to Muhammad... well, it's not really a mountain simulator at all then, is it?

    If there are no cute little AI characters telling me to get fucked then I'll be disappointed.

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