A Virtual Reality Fan That Really Blows

A Virtual Reality Fan That Really Blows

Kickstarter is an absurd place where dreams often become reality — dreams like USB-controlled fans that you control with your face.

Above is the Kickstarter video for the Petal: a usb-controlled fan made to integrate with the Oculus Rift. It is both the most Oculus and Kickstarter-ey thing I have seen in a long time, but I do see the applications. If people are willing to drop hundreds of dollars for pitch-perfect racing steering wheels and VR headsets, why not add a custom fan to the mix? The team is also hoping to make their tools open source, to make it easier for indies to integrate it into their game.

Of course, this isn't the first time people have tried to make game-integrated fans a thing. Our own Mike Fahey was quick to point out that the Philips amBX system attempted something similar years ago.

You can find their Kickstarter page here. Good luck, Petal. Here's hoping, to quote the movie Showgirls "It doesn't suck."

[via prosthetic knowledge]


    This is weird, Not sure how this will Heighten immersion in a space game or a flight sim. Which is the only reason I will buy a rift.

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      Well, if you get a crack in the cockpit, and the air starts whistling across your face...

    I have built a very similar fan, and it adds a massive amount of realism/immersion to a VR experience. Feeling the air on your skin when it should be happening in-game is amazing.
    It sounds simple, but really sells the experience to your brain.

    When I was much younger, playing "wings" on the amiga 500, I used to set up a small fan in front of me when playing. At the time I thought it was amazing!
    Not sure how this would go with the rift. It dose cover half your face.

    I've learned through countless years of experience that you can't get anything to blow properly by attempting to control it with your face.

    Could have promise. I always used to blast the AC on the coldest setting when playing Skyrim.

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