Adding Mass Effect To 'Let It Go' Is The Best Idea

Let it Go: great song. Mass Effect: great series. 'I Should Go', a Mass Effect parody song based on Let it Go. GREAT IDEA.

As someone who hasn't had a shower in the last six months that didn't involved the singing of Let it Go, I heavily approve of this ditty.

You can listen the song in full below. I fully recommend you do! Apparently there is an upcoming video to accompany it. Can't wait!

Via VG247


    Am I blind or are there no volume controls on soundcloud applets?

    I let Mass Effect go three years ago.

    *helpful whisper in ear* Ohhhh, it's about a song! Right, gotcha.

    Last edited 23/06/14 3:45 pm

    You know what song I've never heard? Yep, totally pro at cultural disconnects.

    Frozen? Eh. The little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King came out between the ages of 9 and 15 for me. Frozen doesn't hold a candle to any of them.

      That's usually the way you can figure out someone's favourite Zelda game.

      Just watched Frozen last night. Came away thinking the opposite, that kids films recently are better quality than they were back in the day.

    This might be my favourite Mass Effect parody thing of all time. And God knows I've seen a fair few.

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