AIE Launches Brand New Games Development Grant

With the Government removing $10 million from the Interactive Media Fund, local developers aren't exactly flush. But there are other avenues, the latest of which is a newly created grant for $110,000 from The Academy of Interactive Entertainment(AIE).

The grant has been created to support teams from AIE's Incubator program, a set up that helps graduates transition from higher education to the real world of game development. The grant has been given to four separate development teams working on four separate video games.

First up is Warden by Cardboard Keep, who have received $30k in funds. Warden is a unique action/adventure game currently being developed in Canberra.

Rumble Academy also received $30k, and is being created in Sydney by a group of four AIE graduates. Rumble Academy is a arena-style combat slasher where characters come together to — I can only presume — rumble.

Wildgrass Games also received $30k to work on its game Bearzerkers. They deserve that money for the name alone. The remaining game to receive cash from the grant is Heist by Atomizer, an isometric stealth game set in a noir universe.


    Good to see these devs are being at least partially supported, hope the fund continues well into the future.

      That's the plan! Our plan is to do two groups of funding each year - The one being discussed above is the 'big one' for our alumni groups who have already finished their year in the Incubator. Seeing some of these fledgling developers get a boost that spares them from having to get a McJob when they're trying to focus on their first serious games release is pretty awesome.

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