All Of The E3 News You Might Have Missed

Ubisoft Responds to Assassin's Creed Female Character Controversy

If a video game isn't featured in one of the three big E3 presentations, it can be difficult for that game to find traction amongst the folks who can't walk the show floor, that's why we've decided to create this little post: this is all the E3 news you might have missed, and the games you may not have heard about...

Ubisoft Cut Plans For Female Assassin's In Unity This is a complete crock.

Ubisoft Responds To Assassin's Creed Female Character Controversy And I don't think this excuse is adequate.

Eight Minutes Of Borderlands: The Pre Sequel's Low Gravity Action It's that Borderlands game being made in Australia!

Sony Unveils The Assembly, A Mysterious Virtual Reality Adventure Yes. I want to play this so much.

Developer Announces DLC For 11 Year Old Game I think more people would do this. I would play DLC for Monkey Island 2.

Spec Ops Studio Now Making A PC Game With Giant Aeroplanes More games should have giant aeroplanes.

Project Cars, You Continue To Look Amazing Car games have never been my favourite, but this sure looks pretty.

Xbox One Controller's Rainbow Lights Are So Pretty As does this.

So Far E3's Dress Code Is A Little Too Casual This Year Everyone should dress in the E3 uniform: jeans and suit jacket 4 lyf.

Let's Make Some Mario I wonder what people will create with this thing once it is in the wild.

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto Show Off His Weird New Wii U Games I love weird games.


    I don't think whether or not there are female assassins makes a difference.

      Yeap, it will not make a difference. We had Aveline, came out on Vita and remastered to PC/PS3/X360 but look no one really give a shit about her compare to the entire AC characters.

      If they never announce anything about character gender and the game released with the option to choose female avatar for co op play, they will not get bonus review points as it will not impact the gameplay.

      The story will make no sense if they make Arno a girl. Imagine female Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell, female Snake in MGS, female Agent 47 in Hitman. It will ruin the story.

      People need to chill out as they will not miss out on anything except having a female avatar walking around with overly designed high tier "armor" with big booty and big bust.

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