All The E3 News You Might Have Missed...

The Last Of Us: PS3 vs PS4

As E3 slowly draws to a close, so to does the endless stream of news coming out from the show. It's all tapped out folks. This will be the last of the 'LOOK WHAT YOU MISSED OVERNIGHT POSTS'. It's been fun. Thanks for sticking around. You are all cool people in my book.

Nintendo: Twitch Streaming Isn't On The Wii U Because 'It's Not Fun' Hi, I'm Nintendo. Remember that Luigi Death Stare meme? I learned nothing from that.

Oculus Rift Will Sell 'At The Lowest Cost Possible' Hell yes it will.

The Last Of Us: PS3 Vs PS4 It looks good, but still not convincing me I need to play through this game again.

The E3 2014 Smash Bros. Roundtable, For Your Viewing Pleasure Definitely worth a watch for super fans of the series.

E3 Comic #5: There's No Escaping Reality I've enjoyed this comic series.

A Twitter Tour Of The E3 Floor It's just like being there!


    Not seeing crazy difference and I was looking forward to this blowing me away.

      I'd be very surprised if there was much of an improvement. The PS3 version was insanely optimised, they got everything they could out of that console. We're too early in the console generation to see any major improvements just yet.

        What you can expect to see, will be higher resolution textures (best point of reference is Joels shirt, amazing difference in detail) which you can see above but given how good the originals were, it's not like it's a difference between light and day, smoother framerate and possibly a higher framerate as well leading to smoother animations. A good comparison point would be Ground Zeroes for PS4 and PS3. Both look outstandingly good, neither looks bad, but when viewed side by side, you can see differences.

        Last edited 13/06/14 9:48 am

          Yeah, I posted this in the comparison thread, but it's worth noting that the difference might not even be as great as the comparison shows:

          A post on neogaf seems to show that they've (accidentally?) made the PS3 version look much blurrier than it really is:

          and this:

        Also agreed. I was actually dissapointed with how watch dogs looked (amongst other things..) on PS4 given how good the last couple of games I played on PS3 looked (TLoU, Beyond).

    It's just a basic port, no optimization - just get it functioning (maybe increase texture resolution or poly count on some models). This is much like the treatment PC gets from every console game ever. Look at uncharted 4 for an optimized PS4 engine. If it is true that the trailer was in game engine - not cinematic, boy do we have something good to look forward to.

      Naughty Dog confirmed that it was 100% inengine :D Cannot wait to see actual gameplay haha

    Remote Play is a big factor in why I would replay a hand on PS4.

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