All The Info There Is About The Original Doom In One Video

The good people at Did You Know Gaming have put together a new video all about the original Doom, that contains literally (not actually literally) 100 per cent of everything there is to know about the classic shooter. Now's a good time for this, especially if you're going to QuakeCon next month and want to impress everyone there with all sorts of cool knowledge about the franchise's history after Doom 4 is (probably, maybe, hopefully?) officially revealed there. So enjoy this, while you have a break from absurd World Cup drama for the moment.


    DYKG just keeps getting better and better with each video :) I'm loving the series.

    I love John Carmack quote. How wrong he is.

      Really? What's the plot for Minecraft? Or Mario Kart? Not saying story is a bad thing but it certainly isn't essential.

        Well in the context he said it, he meant it as a whole in the gaming industry. I simply meant he couldn't be more wrong. Games with stories CAN be great. I wonder if he would still say the same thing today. Hmm

      He's wrong in general but for the type of work he was doing he's 100% right. Story in Doom would have been a distraction. Most of the games he made up until that point had no real story to speak of and thrived because of it. He was building online multiplayer FPS games before the online multiplayer part happened. Stuff where forcing a story into it would only serve to reduce the shelf life.
      It's also important to note that at the time he was being told that his type of games were lacking because they didn't have enough story, even though the lack of story is what made his specific games so endlessly playable.

      I would still agree with him to an extent about games in general, although it's so much easier to add story now and the sets have become so much more detailed that they almost require narrative. You can't simply unleash a player on a 'jungle' level anymore so narrative and world building serve a more vital function now.
      Still, the basic premise holds true. Games don't need a story the same way they need engaging mechanics. Without a story Super Mario World is still brilliant, but even the best story driven game lives and dies on it's mechanics. Terrible mechanics turn a story driven game into a long, annoying movie.

      The funny part is that I couldn't disagree with him more at the time. =P

    Is there any copies of the Doom bible in circulation? Sounds like a good read!

      Also, I'm not sure what it says about me that I knew all of these except the one about Terminal Velocity, which I put down to not having played it. =P

      Also, the song "Sandy's Got The Shotgun" is a reference to Sandy Petersen, who did map designs for Doom II.

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