Alleged 'Mario Maker' E3 Photo Pops Up

Alleged 'Mario Maker' E3 Photo Pops Up

What is Mario Maker? Is it real? Could it be one of Nintendo's big surprises for E3 next week?

This photo — allegedly of the E3 show floor — popped up on Reddit yesterday, and while we're always hesitant to share these kind of rumours without corroborating them for ourselves, ex-Kotaku reporter Michael McWhertor, who has been posting photos from the LA convention center on his Instagram, tweeted yesterday that he was "a little more confident" that this is real.

When we reached out to Nintendo, a rep told us "Nintendo has nothing to announce about this topic."

We'll find out for sure on Tuesday during Nintendo's digital press conference. In the meantime, let the speculation begin: could this be a LittleBigPlanet-type level editor for Wii U and/or 3DS? Could it be Nintendo's take on Minecraft? Exciting stuff either way.


    It looks to me like someone snapped a photo of booths advertising Smash Bros and edited the first booth's photo. It seems a bit strange to have three banners of Smash Bros together and then a single Mario Maker banner adjacent. I would not mind being wrong though.

      Three banners of Smash Bros ? The two others could just be Animal Crossing and Pokemon, which could be the case since the fourth looks like a 3ds.

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        I thought the fourth was Kirby. You could be right even then though, perhaps they're just advertising their own games.

        The fourth isn't a 3DS, it's Kirby. Also look in the lower-right of all three, you can see the same logo there. Which is the Smash Bros logo (see

        I'm with @videk_2012, it seems really weird that it would be the odd one out like that. But at the same time sounds like it could be something cool.

        The fourth is clearly Kirby, as mentioned by @mrtaco the Smash logo is present on all of them, and the models for Villager and Pikachu are their Smash Bros Wii U models.

        EDIT: Furthermore, it's not strange for there to be four banners advertising Smash Bros, it's going to be a popular game and they'll have many booths set up for playing demos of it, these banners would be above said booths.

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    For all those excited about a Mario level building game, it already exists. I can't get paste to work on my phone, but but the game is called Mario Builder and it's made on game maker, it's actually quite good.

    If everyone remembers this is EXACTLY how PvZ Garden Warfare was leaked last year!

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