Already, Far Cry 4 Has A Fan Film

Well, that didn't take long. Literally days after being announced, folks are already making short films about Far Cry 4. Damn.

In this short, RocketJump shows us what a real-life co-op attack on an outpost might be like. One of the dudes totally looks like Hurk from the game, too:

Already, Far Cry 4 Has A Fan Film lets just hope nobody goes ahead and tries to explode a real elephant. That part of the game should probably stay in the game.

Far Cry 4: Co-Op Outpost - BrandonJLa [RocketJump]


    You mite want to do a bit of research... I will bet Ubi payed them to do it. Witch would make it NOT a fan film, but an ad.

    "Literally days after being announced" Uuuh, it was announced on May 15, and the Film was released June 12.... I wouldn't exactly call that days.

    Also, Hurk was in Far Cry 3 DLC, so he wasn't an unknown quantity.

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