Amazing Looking Indie He-Man Game Is Going To Get Shut Down So Fast

Amazing Looking Indie He-Man Game is Going to Get Shut Down So Fast

On the one hand, the care and dedication that's gone into recreating He-Man as a side scrolling arcade game is enough to bring a tear to my eye. On the other, as a commenter points out, "you do know that something called 'copyright' exists?"

It's a beautiful looking thing with the current demo including 10 story stages, 28 versus mode stages and boss battles, all accessed through a full map of Eternia. It's also got a playable He-Man, Man-At-Arms, BattleCat, Sorceress, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, She-Ra, Ram-Man, Teela, Orko and inexplicable guest star Lion-O.

However, despite the love that's clearly gone into creating this it's hard to find anything that doesn't breach just about every copyright law going — every sound and image seems to be lifted directly from the show.

Here's some one-on-one action between He-Man and Skeletor:

Here's some side scrolling adventuring:

And some screens:

Amazing Looking Indie He-Man Game is Going to Get Shut Down So Fast
Amazing Looking Indie He-Man Game is Going to Get Shut Down So Fast
Amazing Looking Indie He-Man Game is Going to Get Shut Down So Fast

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    Mattel seriously needs to revive He-Man - the time is right

      Indeed they do. Either give this guy money to finish this game properly or make a 3D hack and slash like DMC

      There is already a game on Android for it:

      But this Indie game looks great. And yes, whole-heartedely agree that He-Man needs to either have re-runs on TV (which I'd prefer as this was what I watched as a child) or make some sort of a remake (which I know I will hate).

      If they did, it would have to be "politically correct". Even then I forsee many a complaint. "You can't empower men" etc... not complaining its just the way things are now.

      Take a look

    Noooo..... They changed Thundercats so much for the reboot. ....Next thing you know, they will be going after SilverHawks ...

      The Thundercats reboot was awesome.

        Quite sad that they didn't get more episodes, it really was a well-done reboot.

    Didn't anyone else notice at the time that He-Man was total crap as a cartoon, concept and any other measure you could mention.

    *hides in corner*

      TBH She-Ra was a far better cartoon. Mordak was the best.

      The animation was pretty poor on it, but as a kid it was a great cartoon. I mean hey, we were kids at that time, how were we supposed to know if it was crap or not?

    Amazing job on this though.

    The demo is there for download, get it before it disappears I guess!

    This has been around for a while now with no C&D smackdown. I have a demo somewhere featuring only He-Man and Man-at-Arms as playable characters.

      Keep in mind, Sega didn't stop the Streets of Rage fan remake until after 8 years though.

    Somebody needs to post this so it might as well be me:

    i played through this a while ago - very nice looking sprites and decent animation.
    not sure if i would buy it if it was a paid game, but definitely a good demo to try out.

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