Amazon France Is Selling A PS4/Vita Bundle

Amazon France Is Selling A PS4/Vita Bundle

Why is Amazon France taking pre-orders for a PS4/Vita bundle? Why does that mock-up image look so convincing? Did a retailer just accidentally leak one of Sony's E3 announcements?

We've reached out to Sony to ask what's up with this listing, but they probably won't comment one way or the other. Expect an answer during their press conference on Monday night. In the meantime — would you buy this thing?


    It's a no-brainer for them to release. Even if it's not real now, it has to be coming.

    I was originally going to wait for this bundle, but then I decided that an OLED vita was preferable. So I bought one with loads of games from Gumtree instead! Now I just have to wait for some kind of sweet, sweet deal on a PS4.

      I wonder if the price will drop here when the Xbox gets the Kinect-less edition. (Rumoured to drop the price by $100) Maybe that $50 'Australian tax' on the PS4 will go away. Or maybe Sony will announce a price drop at E3 next week? IDK. Best of luck man.

      Btw, how do you find the Vita analogues? I've had one for a while (Got it almost a year after it launched) and I just got little analogue covers for Borderlands. Man they feel nice now.

        They seem OK, but I haven't used them all that much. I've spent most of my time on the d-pad playing indies like Spelunky! And that makes my thumb joints really ache after about an hour.

        Might investigate these covers you speak of when the time comes for PS4 remote play, though.

          Ooooooh!!!! Good point. I'm gonna go try that!

          "And that makes my thumb joints really ache after about an hour"

          Aw man... that sounds terrible! I play games for way longer than an hour! :'(

            Get one of these:

            You can get em on ebay for like $15 and they are great for longer sessions. Say what you like about the Vita, but it is not comfortable for long sessions now is it.

            Edit: Links!! Unless no one wants them lol:

            Analogue covers:

            Grip (I have a similar one):

            More classic DS3 style grip with better access to slot etc, but breaks faster (My gf has one):

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            Kids these days.... Back in my day all you had was d pads and mega strong thumbs

      Would be extremely surprised to see them drop the price when the thing is selling like hotcakes still (for the most part) - would not expect a price drop till mid-2015 minimum.

      Also @outatime - i really doubt Sony would lower the price here and not in other markets. It is priced on par with the Kinectless X1 in the states so unless Sony goes lower in the states (why would they when they are selling fine now) they won't touch the price here.

      I clicked on this story - because I wanted to comment :
      "I purchased an OLED Vita from Gumtree - because I preferred the screen and I appreciated the extra games, but I was going to buy this bundle. "

      @batguy get out of my head!

    I'm still waiting for a good games bundle. Ever since I was spoilt by the sega master system I've always felt weird buying a console without free games to play on it

    Thank god for this article, I almost bought PSV yesterday. Now I can both ^_^

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