As If Bayonetta Weren’t Badass Enough, Now She Has A Mech

As If Bayonetta Weren’t Badass Enough, Now She Has A Mech

Revealed during today’s demo live from the Nintendo E3 Treehouse, Bayonetta 2 is giving players much more to play with than killer hair and footie guns. This thing is awesome.

According to the clip, the mech will control pretty much exactly like the witch herself, swinging arms and slinging bullets all over the place. It’s the sort of toy that makes you wonder why she’d ever put it away. I suppose we’ll find out in October.

This was shown during Nintendo’s Treehouse Live @E3 livestream, which you can watch here.


  • I’ve never played the game but it looked like a huge Fan Service game. I’ve seen the gameplay and it looks really nice and stooooff… but can someone tell me if its a good game or if it really is more of a fan service? cos i do wanna try it.

    • It’s genuinely a great action game and you feel like a badass when you dodge at the perfect time and pull off some snazzy combos.

    • It’s seriously awesome, one of the best Character action games out there.

    • I was going to avoid the original as the only marketing I’d seen focused on T&A which convinced me it’d be crap. Then one day I had nothing to do and noticed the demo on xboxlive.
      Played through the demo, went straight to the computer and ordered myself a copy. The gameplay is fantastic.

      I’m considering buying a wii-u almost exclusively for the sequel.

  • This is almost enough – right here, right now – for me to go and buy a god damned WiiU.

    So sad this isn’t going cross platform. SO SO SO SO SAD. (Yes I know it only came to be because Nintendo bought the IP specifically for their platform, but whatever, LET ME HAVE MY SADS).

    • It’s a Wii U exclusive as.Nintendo was the only company wanting to publish it. No Nintendo, no Bayonetta 2, and now Nintendo have rescued another game from death due to THQ folding, I forget it’s name but it looks like more crazy action fun. I’ll have to buy this (glad it includes Bayonetta 1 for free) and possibly the other one as well as the Wii U needs mature action games not called CoD.

      • I know that sad, neglected history of Bayonetta all too well just makes it all the more sadder.

        Stupid people neglected this potentially huge franchise. SADS. (The dissapointment has broken my vocabulary. SO SADS.)

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