Asus Has A 1440p NVIDIA G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Now

If you wanted NVIDIA’s G-Sync smoothing tech in your monitor when it was announced, you had about nil and buckleys chance of getting what you were after. Now that Computex 2014 is in full-swing, however, we’re finally getting some results with Asus bringing a compatible gaming monitor to the market.

It’s called the ROG Swift PG278Q, and it’s from Asus’ Republic Of Gamers arm (similar to Dell’s relationship with Alienware).

In a world of cheap, disposable monitors, the ROG Swift looks like the business.

It’s packing a 27-inch panel size with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz.

Asus is also letting you tweak that refresh rate at the touch of a button — located on the rear of the monitor — that changes it up from 60Hz to 120Hz, right up to its maximum refresh rate of 144Hz.

The ROG Swift is also packing NVIDIA’s new G-Sync technology for smoother gaming and less tearing.

G-Sync is a module inside the monitor that tells it how to display high frame-rate games according to what the graphics card instructs rather than just being a dumb panel. The monitor will start a refresh cycle after every frame the GPU renders so as to avoid tearing and stuttering while gaming. Check out more on G-Sync from our earlier feature on the new tech.

There are almost no G-Sync monitors on the market right now, with a few kits available to DIY your existing monitor into a compatible panel. It’s great to see Asus leading the way on better gaming monitors.

It’s expected to cost around $800 with a release date in the next few months.

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