Australian E3 Times: Join Us For All the Streams And Liveblogs

A Complete Schedule Of E3 2014 Press Conferences

It's that time of the year again! That time when we get jacked up on caffeine and sugar and liveblog into the wee hours of the night. It's time to "get hype". It's time to "get sleepy". It's time for E3.

We'll be staying up and liveblogging the events. I realise no-one liveblogs anymore, but it's an annual tradition and E3 wouldn't be E3 without it! Join us! You can find all the Australian times below!

Tuesday, June 10

Microsoft 2.30am - 4am AEST

Electronic Arts 5am - 7am AEST

Ubisoft 8am - 9am AEST

Sony 11am - 12.30/1pm AEST

Wednesday, June 11

Nintendo (Online Video Event) 2am - 3/3.30am AEST

Let's do this and whatnot! Look for our Liveblogs and streams to pop up on the site about 15 minutes before the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo events.


    So, just like every year, we wait until we're at work to catch up on all the details instead of actually doing our job?

      Hey I'm worki..**tab changed**

        I've got an assignment due at 5, for some reason I thought the press conferences weren't until tomorrow eep!

    Get to wake up to some good news and ease into the day looking towards Sony wake up to some Nintendo the next day.

    I like it IMO, don't have to dedicate the 'whole' day to E3. Although I normally do anyway lol.

    Tuesday, June 10
    Nintendo (Online Video Event)
    2am – 3/3.30am AEST

    Probably meant Wednesday, June 11 there.

    One of the few times being in WA time helps! Ninty's conference is a much more manageable 12am.

    So glad the boss is out of the office this week.
    Good times.

    Why so lazy? why not put the times for all states and not just AEST. People in WA love E3 too!

    Feel like this is somehow worse than before but it's probably just getting harder to justify staying up until 2am.

    Oh thank jeebus someone realised my laziness and translated the times into Aus time for me. I kept seeing lists of events in US time and thinking... ahhh too hard, close

      I would've reminded you anyway! Ninty hype train - choo choo

        Now, the tough question.

        To stay up Wednesday morning and watch it live at 2:00 am?


        Catch up on everything at a more reasonable hour like 6:00 am or 7:00 am before work?

        ... I can't decide.

        (I'll probably set my alarm 5-10 minutes before, wake up, watch, sleep... like last year)

        Last edited 09/06/14 4:13 pm

          I know it sounds silly but i'm watching live to avoid seeing headline spoilers :P i definitely want the full impact of a blind reveal, especially with Nintendo.

        CHOO CHOOOO!

        Also this is perfect training for world cup staying up late/ breaking body rhythms (not that anyone else cares T_T)

          I care! ...d

          I guess I can start watching sports again :D

          Definitely good training! Australia's games are for most part pretty manageable, only two quarter finals are at 2am so there's a lot of reasonable 5am and 6ams running about! =D

      Same, except still can't be bothered changing it to WA time, can never remember if it's 2 or 3 hrs...

    nintendo is wednesday!!!! dont make me go
    "i took the wrong sick day, noooooooooooooooo"

    I woke up to find my internet not working with no explanation as to why. So I doubt i'll be watching the live stream as i'm currently tethered to my phone. Perhaps it's for the best because again (like last year) I have an exam tomorrow morning.

    Last edited 09/06/14 4:09 pm

    So I'll catch the Sony one again.

    EDIT: Wait, so will it be Wednesday for us?

    Last edited 09/06/14 5:23 pm

      This is the Australian times, hence why MS is at like 2am, god bless Sony for their thoughtfulness

    So the one week that I start at 6:30am every day instead of 4:00pm is the week E3 occurs -_-

    I'm probably going to power nap from 10-2 and then go from Microsoft through to the end of Sony, power nap through until Nintendo's conference and then get on with my life. It's a good thing I'm on annual leave this week!

    For any other WA people who also can't remember whether it's 2 or 3 hours difference:

    Tuesday, June 10
    12.30am – 2am AWST

    Electronic Arts
    3am – 5am AWST

    6am – 7am AWST

    9am – 10.30/11am AWST

    Wednesday, June 11
    Nintendo (Online Video Event)
    12am – 1/1.30am AWST

    took the week off for E3 + birthday and now for sleep so i can wake up and watch it :D

    Damn I will be at work during Nintendo's E3

    Where are people streaming the events from?
    Past few years I've watched everything on Gamespot but last year they were pretty terrible so I was hoping there was somewhere better to try this time around.

      Official sites when I can. My main two are Sony and Nintendo so I'll be watching them on:

      blog (dot) eu (dot) and e3 (dot) nintendo (dot) com

      But Kotaku will post links before the conferences so I'll check out their streams too if those official sites have any issues :D

        Ah cool thanks, I think I actually did watch the Nintendo one on their site last year and it was really good quality.

    I don't really care for Microsoft much, but I think I might stay up tonight for theirs :) Or as others suggest, power nap beforehand.

    I'll be working all day. So I'll be leaving my phone at home. When I do get home though I'll be firing up a recorded PS stream. Hardest part for me tomorrow will be avoiding all the spoilers.

    I had no intention of staying up for this but now I'm locked into an all-nighter to finish off some work. So I guess I'll join you!

    Just keep waiting, Just keep waiting, what do we do? We wait :)

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