Barcraft Melbourne Turns 21 This Week, You Should Join The Party

This coming Saturday, Barcraft Melbourne is holding its 21st event. Are you a big fan of watching other people play Starcraft while consuming alcoholic beverages? Of course you are. So why not head to the Barcraft event this Saturday?

It kicks off at 3.30pm at The Fringe in Little Lonsdale Street. Entry is free and there will be beer and pizza available for sustenance. Prize giveaways are also happening, courtesy of Blizzard and a number of others.

The event is being held by Silicon Sports. You can find out more about the event here.


    Although this is their 21st event, I'm almost certain that they haven't been running for 21 years - that would mean they started about 18 months before the first WarCraft game (and nearly 5 years before the first StarCraft).

      Haha, yeah using a bit of creative license ;)

    I've been watching a lot of Starcraft for the past year.
    Was aware of this upcoming Barcraft and strongly considering going, just hope I can find someone to go with!

      We're all friends at Barcraft Melbourne @blake! Come down and have some fun :).

    Thanks for the mention!

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