Behold, A Fleshlight Case... For Your iPad?

Watching this ad for Fleshlight Launchpad — a real iPad case that Fleshlight has been working on for a couple of years — I couldn't decide if I was more amazed/baffled at the dupstep, or at the fact this probably wouldn't work so well on a Skype call at all.

Not without the entire thing becoming somewhat, err, turbulent for one of the parties involved, anyway. Then again I doubt the usage shown in the ad will be as popular as simply watching porn with the thing.

The case is currently on sale for $US25.

Who knew 2014 would be the year people could basically fuck their iPads?


    I see this comment section getting ugly quickly...
    Also, I feel compelled to mention that this is not a new idea and attachments similar to the one above have been around a while now.

      "Launch Pad" hahahahaha

      Also pretty sure this video is a parody.

    Wave of the future Dude....

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