Behold, The Forever Alone Pod

Behold, the Forever Alone Pod

Sometimes you like being with others. Other times, you want to be alone with your hobbies and diversions. For those times, there's this.

Dubbed a "relation room for men and women", this cosy room is a forever alone pod that lets you get away and relax, work or study, watch movies and play video games, and enjoy your figurine collection.

Behold, the Forever Alone Pod
Behold, the Forever Alone Pod
Behold, the Forever Alone Pod

Nothing wrong with that at all. Because, really, why face the world? No, seriously. Why?

Behold, the Forever Alone Pod
Behold, the Forever Alone Pod
Behold, the Forever Alone Pod

There are multiple drawers, a collection rack, LED lights and extra storage space. It's all built-to-order. And how much does this cosy space cost? 798,000 yen or about $8000. Apparently, you can put a price on alone time like this.

一人になってリラックスできる最小の自分部屋 [Kagu Cozy]


    Erm odd choice of a 4:3 monitor. And does not look like it has space for much bigger than a 24". Pretty sure just about anyone could build one of these for 1/10th of the price.
    And what the hell is a drower?

      A person or object that drows, obviously.

        wtf are you drowing about?

      I think the more pressing question is... why the hell is he watching stars war episode 1?

        It's demonstrating that, using this room, one can watch terrible movies without having to be judged by others.

        Well... At least it's the duel of the fates.

        Yeh... because *star wars* is the movie that's gonna be on in a pod like this ;)

      You wouldn't want much bigger than 24" if you're that close to the screen.

        How is no one referencing the Virgin Bourbon!

          Getting hammered. Its the only way, I found, to watch episode 1 and stay sane...

    Virgin Bourbon is intentionally ironic right?

    I'm having a claustrophobia-related panic attack just looking at this.

      I would be okay, until I went to stretch my legs out and realized i was trapped.

    Soooo... Are we just calling it, 'spank tank?'

    Edit: Seriously though, could just save yourself the discomfort and splash out on living in a renovated cupboard in the Valley which realtors will try to convince you is a studio apartment. At least that way you'd have fridge, microwave and toilet in your 'alone time' pod.

    Last edited 19/06/14 11:35 pm

    They couldn't build in a spot for the PC tower and give it a bigger widescreen monitor?

    Does your house lack walls? Does your bedroom have a hole in its door that you just can't fix? Are all the traditional ways of being alone and gaining privacy (such as shutting the curtains, living by yourself or just closing the damn door) not working out for you?

    INTRODUCING A SMALL CUBE YOU CAN CONFINE YOURSELF TO! Because there is LITERALLY no other way to ensure your privacy except by confining yourself to a glorified telephone booth!

    It's pretty much like the net-cafes in Japan. Shove you in a cozy little box of nerd. They even had cubicle service from a phone.

    I want to stay in there forever. Then I won't have to listen to people telling me to get a job all the time.

      Pretty sure if you can fork out the 8 grand you won't have people telling you to get a job.

    Very cool idea but there are a few things that would kill it for me

    - No where to put a full tower case
    - No leg room without moving the seat back exposing what your self to the harsh outside world
    - Fck all ventilation, stuck in a box with a PC would get very warm and stuffy i reckon

    Apart from that, i'd have no issues locking myself away from reality in that thing for days at a time

    "Dubbed a “relation room for men and women”"

    That's awesome.

    I love these judgemental posts and comments. (Not really)

    My family has sensory integration issues that lead to big problems with shared space and needs to have areas that are quiet, isolated, and 100% ours. I would get one of these for each of my kids in a freaking /heartbeat/. And probably for me as well. Some things I would adjust, sure, but overall I love this idea.

    Dubbed a “relation room for men and women”...So it's for professional "Seven Minutes of Heaven" players then?

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