Bleak, Dystopian Inside Comes To Xbox One In Early 2015

After four years of development, Limbo developer Playdead's new side-scroller, Inside, will come to the Xbox One in the first half of 2015 as part of Microsoft's [email protected] program. The game has a website which you can keep an eye on for updates.


    You guys really need to be more flexible when it comes to the way you capitalise your headlines. I'm sure the intention isn't that they should be incomprehensible.

    Was the kid goose stepping at 0:28? The game looks interesting, but I remember Limbo started off with fantastic puzzles integrated into the environment and flow then became a tedious series of explicit puzzle rooms. Hopefully Inside doesn't fall into that same trap.

    Wow, Love the new art style even more than limbo's. Hope this delivers.

    Limbo was such a refreshing experience at the time of its release so I hope this game can pull something similar come next year. But I've always swooned at the Dystopian genre anyway :)

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