Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Barely Looks Like It Happens On Earth

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Barely Looks Like It Happens on Earth

Hoverbikes. Super-jumps. Lots of neon. The next instalment in Activision's blockbuster FPS series is the most future-y one yet. Get ready for a lot of fancy screens and overlays!

If not for the presence of recognisable stuff like lamps and doors with knobs, you'd think this game was happening on a far-off planet. It's not. As is tradition at this point, the Xbox press conference opened with a Call of Duty game. DLC will come first to Xbox owners with Advanced Warfare, just like it's been for a while now.


    Oh look! It's Halo

      I dunno, it looks more like Killzone to me.

        Looks like a Titanfall prequel to me.

          It looks like all of these Popular Shooters combined into one Bro-tastic CoD fest!!! :D Like if you like, hate if you hate.

        My sentiments exactly! Is there a way to tell if it's pre-rendered?...
        < \

    Finally looks like COD is getting the balls to take the good ideas from other games without just going "nah we are COD, our thing is popular too."

    Its dull.. and i look forward to the quick dashes, boost jumps etc. in multiplayer to change how the game plays.

    I love how every big COD game play reveal does so much to make sure you know you're not playing the same version as last years game, right up until the player takes control and the weapon pops up into the hand of the player character. Every time, I'm like "Ahh, there we are".


    Walking around in the open, staring at the sky whilst leisurely killing people without getting killed... COD Gameplay.

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