Can You Remember This Daily HaiTaku?

Alright folks, people don't seem to jazzed on SingTaku so, just for fun, I'm creating a Remember This/Daily HaiTaku hybrid! On Monday, we'll start a brand new guessing game.

Okay, first up, here's your visual clue!

And here's your haiku...

A really good thief And a new lead character An adventure game

Alright, have at it!


    Biker Mice from Mars!
    Also while singtaku was nice it was unfortunately hamstrung with the fact a lot of people (including myself) couldn't view the vines or videos at work.

    How about a Tritaku? a mixture of Remember this, Hikutaku and Scribbletaku. Each day its not guessed the next style is put down. You could even throw in the singtaku :D

    Either way, can't wait to see whats next

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    Cool, Singtakus take up too much of my mobile data anyway!

    oh dear. poor singtaku.
    if I had speakers at work
    I would've joined in.

    For some reason I'm thinking Lupin...

    And yes please new game! It's hard to participate in Singtaku at work!

    It's a longshot but... One of the Warioland games?

    Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations!

      How on earth did I not get this???

      I knew I recognised that sort of background design, and I was playing Phoenix Wright 2 as this Haitaku was posted!

      I'm just going to cry now...

        I'm in an AA mood. Was playing Dual Destinies on the way to work this morning

          I've been playing Dual Destinies, Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright 2, reading the Phoenix Wright Manga, making horrible Phoenix Wright puns in French speaking tests, and I drove 30 mins just to get Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (has Phoenix Wright in it), and yet I still didn't see that this was Phoenix Wright!

          I feel like I have failed at life...

          Last edited 19/06/14 1:41 pm

    I didn't really like Singtakus because I was shite at them, no ear for music, but also because if you did think you knew it, you could youtube the music to confirm.

    I like Haitakus because they have a bit of ambiguity in then, you can have a guess even if you're not 100% sure, as they could sometimes loosely fit multiple games.

    Oh dear Mark has begun his cross breeding scientific experiments.

    What's next?

    What Are You Playing Amongst Yourselves?
    This Week in Dammit!
    The Big Sleeping Game!
    Question Us This Weekend!
    Off Topic SingTaku!
    Talk and Tell Us The Daily App Deal Commmunity Review!

      This Week in Dammit!
      Every week this article is about how The Last Guardian doesn't have a release date yet.

      I'll handle the big sleeping game, it can just be a 7 hour mp3 of me occasionally snoring, rolling over in bed and have faint background sound from whatever video I've left on to fall asleep to

    Why not a weekly/ daily change of games between the previous games.

    It's reminding me of Prince of Persia.

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