Hey, Where's Delsin?

Video: Check out the trailer for Infamous: Second Son's upcoming DLC, First Light. It focuses on Fetch, the sassy street urchin Conduit with the super-speed neon powers. Y'know, the best traversal powers in the game. First Light drops in August 2014.


    Neon was the best power in the game for everything. Video was decent...ish

      Neon was pew pew but best movement.. Video had a bit more oomph especially the finisher.

    So we're going from a protagonist with 4 powers to someone with only 1 power..... and the first guy already has that power anyway?

    This is a standalone title, right? Similar to what Blood Dragon was for Far Cry 3. Pretty sweet.

    Also, this is kind of a shitty title. Let the damn woman have the spotlight.

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