Chinese Test-Cheating Tools Look Like Something Out Of James Bond

Chinese Test-Cheating Tools Look Like Something Out Of James Bond

This past weekend, literally this last Saturday and Sunday, millions of Chinese high school students sat through a test that will determine the rest of the their lives. Some will do well, some will fail but none have failed as miserably as the ones who were caught cheating!

While the millions prepare for and take the test in legitimate means, there are those that choose to cheat. China hasn’t released the number of cheaters caught this year, but the folks over at China News and China Radio International have released a series of photos of some of the best cheating equipment found.

A student was caught wearing a pair of glasses with a camera in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Supposedly the cheater would activate the camera (top photo) with what looks like a remote shutter coin. The camera would then send black and white photos of the test to an outside location. The answer would then be sent back to the student. It doesn’t say how the information was sent back.

In Fuzhou, Guangzhou province, police found this wallet receiver contraption on the person of a male test taker. The contraption works in conjunction with a small camera. The receiver was tied to the young man’s armpit. The camera was built into a plastic drink bottle.

In Sichuan province, 40 students were suspected of using a high tech pen to cheat. The pen would send test questions back to another location and answers would be sent back to the cheaters via in-ear receivers.

A wired up t-shirt was confiscated during another important state sponsored exam. The shirt is wired with a camera and plugs into a mobile phone that sends signal out.

A set of old-school Nokia mobile phones set up as cheating devices.

The National College Entrance Examinations, also known as the Gaokao, is one of the biggest events in the life of a Chinese student. The test determines where they will attend university. The test is deemed so important that streets around testing locations have police guards, and people who cause noise during testing days can be fined.

Preparation for the tests is super extreme. High school students last year were spotted studying with intravenous drips attached to their arms!

Judging by some of the crazy contraptions cheaters have come up with, it seems their efforts may have served them better if they actually studied.

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  • Cheating in my days involved a book on your lap, or little cheat sheets in your pencil case. Some teachers even allowed an A4 size piece of paper with whatever you wanted to write on it, but only 1 page and not more.
    But this is just mind-blowing.

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