Classic PC Game Gets First Upgrade In Two Years

Classic PC Game Gets First Upgrade In Two Years

PC roguelike...building sim...thing Dwarf Fortress has been out since 2006. And it's about to get its first update in over two years. That's staying power.

Not that people already playing it will be surprised. See, Dwarf Fortress is not your average game. The developers, Bay 12, don't see it as something that will ever be "done". It's a constant work-in-progress as they add things, tinker with others and fix the bits that break in the process.

It's not a game for everyone — from its rough visuals to its (perceived, it's not that bad) complexity - but for those who stick it out it's a long-term, rewarding experience.

The latest version is due out next month.

Mission Status [Bay 12]


    I so cannot wait to see what crazy crap you can do in fort mode this time.

    Here is a fan compiled update list -

    Another 20 years or so to version 1.0 I hear.
    Will probably be worth it. And computers may finally be powerful enough for large mature forts with a huge population and all features turned on.

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