Community Review: E3 2014

No major games were stupid enough to release during E3 week, so I thought we'd switch things up a bit. Instead of talking about and reviewing the latest major release, why not turn our focus to the E3 that was?

What did you think? Has it made you more or less excited about the new generation of consoles? How did it stack up to previous E3s?

For me, personally? E3 2014 is up there with some of the best E3s I can remember. It felt as though all of the big three — Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo — delivered in a very big way. More importantly, everyone was focusing on games.

Additionally, there seemed to be a real commitment to variety. At first I thought Microsoft had leant to heavily on its regular staple of shooters and racers but when I thought back to all the games I saw there were indies, Project Spark, Below, Inside — plenty of off kilter games that tickled my personal fancy.

Nintendo revealed Zelda and it truly, absolutely shocked me how good it looked, and just how much reinvention of the game's core seems to be a priority for Nintendo. I think if I had to pick one game that excited me most it would be Zelda.

Sony's press conference, I think, provided the most 'whoa' moments, in terms of big surprises. That made me initially think they 'won' E3, but it's not really that simple. Still, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and others make me pretty hyped for 2015.


That seemed to be a common refrain, and it remains my sole concern for this E3: the lack of games that seemed to be coming out in 2014. I would have liked to have seem a couple of surprises that we might have been able to play this year. Too many of the games I'm really hyped for now seem to be coming out in 2015.

What were your thoughts on E3 2014?


    convinced me to buy a Wii U later this year. 7/10

    Edit: other thought was that EA, MS, Ubi & Sony had most of the stuff they were showing pre-announced / leaked in the weeks leading up to the show, so there wasn't enough WOW-factor. not enough 'new' announcements to make their shows exciting.
    don't get me wrong, I dig what they were showing, but nothing blew me away.

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    I'm happy to say that this year EA and Microsoft came out and were not completely evil. I mean, they're still pretty evil, but this year they seemed like that had a hint of humanity in them.

      It's a façade designed to sucker you in, only to throw your soul into eternal damnation when the games they announced are finally launched. >:-)

    Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all had a few titles that made me excited.

    I just want Dragon Age: Inquisition. Only 113 days to go...

    Was pretty awesome and I had pretty much the same thoughts about this year sounding a little flat , but who knows maybe it will pick up later in the year with a couple of surprises.

    That said, I did find Sony's conference got me the most hyped (with the exception of the droll in the middle to end), they had the biggest variety and some of the games blew my mind (Grim my main man, where have you been hiding for so long).

    I think my pick for best announcement would go to Siege, it has been such a long time since we had a good Rainbow Six title that I have to cross all my fingers and toes.

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    I enjoyed Nintendo and Sony's conferences (as they are the brands I have a stake in). I was bored to death of the press hysteria concerning Ubisoft.

    So many great games coming out, all three console manufacturers had great showings.

    Sony, EA, Ubisoft, Square disappointing
    So I brought a Wii U and stuck it on top of my PS4
    Nintendo for the Win!!!!!!!

    I like the part where we just made snarky comments on TeamSpeak.
    10/10 would snark again 2015.

    Between leaks and common sense there were few surprises this year for me. I saw some new media for a couple games I'm interested in so there's that. Solid performances all round but nothing spectacular.

    Nintendo is the winner this year!
    They showed stuff that we didn't know about.
    Zelda has gotten me excited enough to think about buying a Wii U.
    Nintendo needed more single player experiences and they really showed that off.

    Outwardly cringed at every mention of "exclusive". Timed, platform, "console". Just stop. At least have the decency act the way you should, which is ashamed.

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      I felt like the first 3rd of Sony's presser was pretty much them saying "look at all the exclusive content we've bought this year, and our versions have all of the resomolutions!". I really liked what they actually showed, but it was hard to not let that stuff drag it down.

    This was the E3 that Nintendo showed everyone why they can get a Wii U and not worry it has already peaked.

    E3 2014 - Nintendo takes the Crown. Buying Wii U ASAP!

    the best thing about E3 was the surprise destiny alpha.
    damn i had a fun weekend playing that.

    i am now very excited for september.

    the wii u has some great looking games coming. yoshi wooly world looks great and Zelda looks fantastic.
    PS4 has a great lineup
    so does xbox one.

    the whole reason i won all three is so i can play only the best games. and its looking like i will be busy next year

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