Compare Uncharted 4 With Previous Uncharted Games

How does the new Uncharted 4 trailer stack up visually against older games in the series? This comparison video tries to find as much like for like footage as possible in an attempt to create a comparison.

It's funny, when a new game in an established series makes its debut on a new console my gut reaction is usually 'is that it'? I remember doing this with Halo in particular. I'd always have to go back and play the old games to actually see and feel the visual difference. I think it's because games in our memories always tend to look better than they ever did in real life. When you actually take a good hard look at the reality of it, the newer games always come out looking stellar.

Uncharted, despite being one of the most technically sound games of last generation in terms of visuals, is no exception. Watching the Uncharted 4 trailer, with footage from the previous games alongside it? You get a real idea of the upgrade we're potentially getting here. Can't wait to see more of Uncharted 4.


    I know what you mean, I was totally shocked how terrible Halo looks on the original XBOX after dragging mine out of storage the other day. I remembered it having far better graphics.
    Some of it will be because it probably looked a lot better on a 26" CRT telly than it does on the 1080P projector, but I was really gobsmacked how polygonical it was.

    So do we still think it is going to be a kart racing game?

    And people were trying to say the jump from last gen to current gen was not that great and we shouldn't expect much from current gen, well this begs to differ.

    When the best of the best looked so good on last gen and then that's the jump it has made to current gen then those non believers need a swift kick and an eye exam.

    1080p/60fps with those visuals is going to be impressive if they manage it and if they do then maybe they should start selling the engine to other devs and make that the standard for future PS4 games.

    Now I have all 3 current gen consoles plus a high end gaming PC yet those visuals are beyond anything I have seen to date, possibly Crysis 3 jacked up(?), would need to set them side to side.

    Woah, can not be unseen. The UC3 Drake looks like Derek from Teen Wolf in the desert and airport shots... Probably not, but can not unsee now... Maybe its the hair.

    Hey Look, that's me! Thanks featuring us Serrels!

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