Conan O'Brien 'Reviews' Super Smash Bros

Conan O'Brien is the best video game reviewer in the world. Even if this isn't technically a review. It's still the best.

This time round Conan is reviewing Super Smash Bros.. Yep. The new one. He's just messing around with a preview build but it's hard to be a stickler for details when the 'review' is this awesome.

Also — I'd like to start a petition to make Conan's hand drawn cover a real thing.


    HAHAHA i got a good laugh from that "is that one of those guys from DAFT PUNK"

    That was really funny! Well worth watching.

    Love these reviews. Favourite so far wasn't one of the actual reviews, but rather an instance where Conan visited Blizzcon and commentated on a ranked match :P

    That was pretty great. Clueless Gamer is to previews what Game Grumps is to let's plays. Sort of an off-topic improv session with a game thrown in the mix.

    So who was America's second president?

      I had to look it up - he was close! John Adams was second, but Thomas Jefferson was third. can tell she's totally vegan.

    an is a crack up. Best reviews out there. n

    Jay Leno > Conan 'all about me' O'Brien.

      hahaha, yeah, sure, Conan is the one that is 'all about me'

        It's true man, the other hosts are all meek, humble guys.

    The Wii U doesnt have gamecube controller ports? How are they playing the game?

      Nintendo recently revealed an adaptor for the WiiU that allows GC controllers to be used for Smash Bros.

      Nintendo recently announced Gamecube controllers for Wii U, plus an adapter which lets you use old Gamecube controllers (:

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