Conan Plays Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, Says 'America Just Lost'

A vast array of characters. Small platforms. Fighting. Yep, it's Smash Bros. Conan is back with another Clueless Gamer, asking this: "Why would we fight when we're in the middle of a Willy Wonka nightmare?"

Nintendo, do think about adding a bacon stage. A delicious bacon stage.

Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Super Smash Bros." [Team [email protected]]


    This was already posted yesterday. The quote about America losing is in reference to how none of conans gamer staff knew who president #2 was

      Yeaaaah but that was by Mark, and the US site doesn't get our articles.
      Their loss, really.

    you'd think though that they would have posted this first then

    When would you ever need to know who the second president of your country was?

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