Can't Get Into The Battlefield: Hardline Beta? Watch It Instead.

Can't Get Into The Battlefield: Hardline Beta? Watch It Instead.

Electronic Arts didn't do a great job keeping its new Battlefield game a secret in the lead-up to this year's E3. But that doesn't make the new gameplay trailer any less exciting. Here's six minutes of footage from Battlefield: Hardline's cops-and-robbers themed shooting:

EA also announced that the game's beta is going live today. As in: right now. Try to snag yourself a slot (if you still can) here.

And if all else fails, you can watch the Twitch stream below:


    4:31 in. "Don't taze me bro" Worth watching just for that.

      6:19 in. "Delicious donuts spotted". That was pretty exciting.

    Oh my god I jus realised I am more excited for the next COD than the new battlefield..

    Not surprising considering the development cycle is now shorter for BF than COD.

    The levels of underwhelming I am feeling right now... is intense.

    I wander if the actual game play will be cleaner than BF4.

    What are they stealing that would be worth that much collateral from the back of a van?

      It's Nicholas Cage and his crew attempting to steal the Declaration of Independence.

      Shoot the pilot? Just press F1 and take over... And I was never fussed about the way incoming bullets sound like someone's being aggressive with a flyswatter near my ear.

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