Cutest Yoshi Game Ever

The dinosaur that raised Baby Mario was already pretty darn adorable. But a new Wii U game shown today does Yoshi up all in yarn, making the lizard even cuter.

Visually, Yoshi's Wooly World follows up on the style first seen in Kirby's Epic Yarn.


    I don't really care that the WiiU is "underpowered". How cool does that look!
    Classic Yoshi gameplay as well... I'm pretty sold.

    I've missed Nintendo for a generation and I'm ready to buy a Wii U for my son and I. Seriously look at the quality of games now. You can't beat Yoshi, Mario, Zelda & Party. If only for those the console is insane value.

    This takes me back to Yoshi Story way back on 64- everything is ridiculously cute haha

    What ever reason Ive been waiting to by a Wii U is now over.. You'll have my money on Friday Mr. Nintendo!

    A Dinosaur that walks around eating everything, collecting his poo and then throwing it at all the things he doesn't eat... Cute I guess...

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