DayZ Jeopardy! Is Brutal And Has Only One Topic

DayZ Jeopardy! Is Brutal And Has Only One Topic

Video: And that one topic is DayZ! Still, questions about the game cause headaches for a lot of newspawns in the recent video of Friendly in Cherno. The lucky ones can continue their journey with some extra gear, but everyone else has no other choice but to roll a new character.

DayZ Jeopardy With Irregular Dave [Friendly In Cherno, YouTube]


  • Takes me back…my mates and I were on Taviana and we had the bridge blocked at both ends. We’d drop hatchets about 20m apart then go pick up randoms and make them battle to the death. Being admins though, the winner received pretty good loot we would kit them out then teleport them wherever they wanted to go. Good times…

  • This kind of crap is what killed the game, for me. I like zeke survival games, not arsehole simulators.

  • Do they realize that Jeopardy involves giving the answer and then them figuring out the question?

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