Deep Silver Isn't Taking Its Zombie Killing So Seriously Anymore

If this new trailer for Dead Island: Epidemicis any indication, Deep Silver isn't taking its zombie-killing quite so seriously anymore. That's a great thing in my mind, because it shouldn't have in the first place.

I mean: killing zombies is mindless fun! Why not just reflect that? It's not like every game has to be as sombre as The Last of Us.

Epidemic is still in a closed beta, but you can check out some early access options here.


    Closed beta my ass. I think statistically there's 4.7 invites for every person on steam.

    Yeah I got this like 4 months ago, still havn't tried it out.

    So few games are as sombre as Last of Us, so very many are mindless fun for a few quick bucks. I'd rather the former done to a modest degree than the latter all the bloody time.

    I hate this guys voice so much. He sounds like somebody they would hire for a bad reality tv show's commercial.

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