Destiny Alpha Gets ‘Dangerous’ Extension

Destiny Alpha Gets ‘Dangerous’ Extension

The alpha test phase of Bungie’s ambitious new sci-fi shooter was supposed to end last night, somewhere around 11.59pm Pacific Time. It didn’t. That means that, yes, you can still play Destiny right now. That’s a reason to dance, right?

In a tweet early Monday morning, the studio that created Halo announced that it was extending the PS4 preview of their upcoming game.

It’s not been said just how long this extension will go but folks should remember that the characters you craft and level up for the alpha won’t carry over to the beta. So don’t go getting too attached. But if you wanted the chance to try out unlock more skills, Bungie has given it to you. One hopes that the dangerous experiments referred to in the tweet means that they will be dropping new stuff into the alpha.


  • I managed to get into the Alpha, but I know a few of my friends didn’t. And they signed up basically as soon as the registrations opened. I know it’s not first come first serve, but still, disappointing for them.

    I would have liked to see Bungie do what Respawn did with the Titanfall beta, opening it up on the last day to everyone who had registered before the cut off. Lets them stress test the servers, and gives more people a chance.

    Then again, maybe the servers aren’t ready for that many players. Oh well, not long until the Beta anyway.

      • I couldn’t switch it on – blue light would pulse but nothing. Couldn’t boot it up in safe mode. Couldn’t remove the hdd and boot in safe mode either, and tried different hdmi cables and a different tv… As far as I know it’s in great condition, bought it at launch and it has worked since, just been sitting in my display.

        I hadn’t played it for about a week, and when the June PS plus came around decided to boot it up, that’s when I discovered it 🙁
        Tried practically everything I could that wouldn’t void warranty, when I explained the happenings to Sony they said to post the unit and they’ll very likely just replace it. Posted it on Friday, they said today that the new unit was on it’s way back to me.

        My launch PS3 died due to poor solder, after 3 years, just out of warranty. I still have my launch PS2. So it’s a bit of a shocker, will my PS5 last only a day? 😛

        Anyway, I wouldn’t have minded trying destiny out but it’s not a huge fuss. I just wish I knew what caused it – what if the same thing happens? I think I will disable the auto updates while on standby, I didn’t like how it would switch itself on occasionally to update. Apart from that I really don’t know why it worked up to this point and suddenly stopped.

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