Destiny Is A PlayStation Exclusive In Japan

Destiny Is A PlayStation Exclusive In Japan

In the West, upcoming shooter Destiny is a multiplatform game. In Japan, it’s not. It’s a PlayStation exclusive, Sony announced today.

Instead of getting an Xbox 360 and Xbox One release like it will abroad, the game is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and the PS4 when it’s released in Japan on September 11.

It’s worth noting that the Xbox One won’t even be out in Japan until September 4, so that, along with evaporating Xbox 360 retail presence in Japan, might be contributing to the game’s PlayStation exclusiveness.

Bungie, the studio behind the Xbox exclusive Halo series, is developing Destiny. That’s right, at least in one country, Bungie is working on a PlayStation exclusive!

Destiny, however, will be released on the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, the PS3 and the PS4 in the West on September 9.

Kotaku has reached out to Sony Japan to confirm whether or not Destiny is a timed exclusive for the region and will update this story should the company comment.



    • Japanese Xbox owners made Halo (ooh.. I mean Marathon, the old Mac game they made) a success? Are you sure about that?

          • By ignoring them, bungie have a massive Xbox fan base.
            I’m part of halo Lan club here in Perth last weekend it was Forza were not exclusive to halo but that’s how we started.
            But as far as the majority of people at that Lan felt hard done by bungie to the point of not wanting it part of are Lan repertoire (we lan online games in the same location) dosnt take much to be butt hurt these days I guess, but bungies actions are causing these feelings.

          • How are they ‘ignoring’ users? It seems to me that Bungie’s treatment of both consoles is identical outside some meaningless timed exclusive DLC. Let’s call it what it is, a club of Xbox fans feeling spurned because their baby has finally gone multiplatform. I’m curious if this jealous backlash will repeat when Titanfall’s sequel does the same thing.

          • They are blatantly ignoring, I’m happy even for halo to be multiplat.

            I’m a firm believer of things being equal.

            if you give one platform a trailer or exclusive content then you should give it to the other too in some form.

            my group is literally hanging on this game and not having anything at all while PS gets all the clips etc is excruciating….you can’t blame fans for being upset.

          • Without getting into why Bungie are not working for MS any more, why would they be showing more content to the platform they have never published on before I wonder… Oh I don’t know.. maybe TO SELL THE GAME TO A NEW AUDIENCE.

            Guess it doesn’t help that a lot of xbox owners are cropping up hurt about them making a multi platform game. Who would you show first?

            On a side note, I’ve seen more xbox guys upset by Bungie making a multi platform game than PS guys about Insomniac making an exclusive. But I guess that speaks more to the quality of the developer. Bungie is far more to get excited/upset about than a team that has done very little good in the past few years (They have quantity but not quality). still interesting none the less.

          • The trailers are exactly the same outside of a Playstation or Xbox splash screen at the intro. As for exclusive content, 1) it’s timed, so don’t worry, you’ll all get the same game, 2) that’s par for the course in 2014 co-marketing deals, 3) those clips your Xbox buddies are taking issue with can be enjoyed through the magic of the internet by anyone.

            Yes, I’m blaming those ‘fans’ for being upset because this is a total non-issue. It’s like fanboy + wild persecution complex + chip on the shoulder = ‘BUNGIE FUCKING US OVER!”

          • Thats the most ridiculous thing I have heard

            So now are all PlayStation owners “hard done by” with Sunset Overdrive – thats probably a real case of being hard done by since it went exclusive to Xbox, but Destiny is coming out on both Xbox consoles

            Your reasoning has so many flaws and makes no sense. Hopefully in a few hours you’ll read back what you wrote and realise how silly it sounds

          • You can’t seem to reconcile the fact that your once exclusive Bungie county club is finally letting the ‘others’ in and showing them a little love. Suddenly it’s “this place isn’t what it used to be! how come they get served first? we’ve been members for years. we’re getting screwed!”

          • Halo was xbox’s largest and most popular game and their next game is destiny and its awesome that its multiplat but they have released 0 screens, vids or info regarding Xbox other than the fact it is released…..truely they could release at least one Xbox screen shot when there’s heaps of Xbox fanboys complaining on their forums.

            I’m sure if it was happening to Sony fans with one of there most popular franchise say naughty dogs next big game was multiplat and they totally ignored the Sony fans…their core fans. It wouldn’t go down well at all.

          • Just like Microsoft are f’ing over Playstation with their exclusive Halo games hey?

          • dosnt take much to be butt hurt these days I guess

            You’ve done a good job of proving that.

        • You don’t think that’s a tad hyperbolic? The only possible favouritism I see is the fact that PS3/4 owners get into the beta earlier. How much earlier is still undecided. Not sure where this narrative of ‘betrayal’ can from.

          • Early alpha/beta, their videos all show PS footage, their photos all have PS logo’s and if you follow their Facebook and other social media its all about PS.
            Exclusive in game content for PS only….really couldn’t they throw a skin or weapon in xbox’s direction. I get why the Xbox community feel this way.

            One would be excused if they thought it was a PS exclusive.

          • That’s just marketing and as much as I hate it, it’s inconsequential. It’s the same thing as ‘First On Xbox/Playstation’ or Microsoft cornering the CoD and dragon age DLC this time. That’s modern game co-marketing.

          • Calm down man, its exactly the same as the whole CoD thing – you’d think CoD games were exclusive to Xbox last generation

            Its all about marketing dollars, no one is getting left behind

        • No, Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot, again. The Xbox’s Japanese support is a joke and because they refuse to change that the Xbox one will sell just as bad. Given the numbers any idiot can see that a Japanese Xbox port is a waste of money. People always say it’s brand bias but when you treat the region like crap it’s expected.

        • Halo was headed for success before it ever became an XBox exclusive. You can go back and read the press reports of the time, complete with howls of disappointment from PC owners who were looking forward to the game. It’s arguable that Halo made the success of the XBox, not vice-versa.

          It’s a fair bet that they mainly left Microsoft because they got sick of turning out nothing but Halo franchise games. Expecting them to remain MS-exclusive after the split would be a bit naive.

          As for the Japanese release, the game is to be released just one week after the XBox hits Japanese shelves. As such, the install base is going to be small, and given past XBox sales is never likely to gain traction, especially with the PS4 having had over six months to get a lead.

          Plus – the XBox One is (allegedly) region free. There’s nothing stopping Japanese buyers from importing copies. The copies won’t be localised, but Destiny doesn’t look like the sort of game where that would be too much of a problem.

    • I think its a smart move, Xbox 360 is quite unpopular and Xbox One popularity is indeterminate as it stands in Japan their probably doing their fans a favor by not subjecting them to extremely low populated MMO servers.

  • I think it is probably more that they don’t want to have to support/create a Japanese XB1 localised version when there would be so few users that it would cost more than it would make.
    Letting Sony have an ‘exclusive’ in that situation lets Bungie off the hook with that problem.

  • This would be fine by me cause i intend to get it on Ps4 when its released in Australia anyway

    • Pretty sure there will be no servers, which makes sense as the Xbox community in Japan has never been that big.

        • Yeah, but you don’t require localisation outside of what is required by other countries (Australia and parts of Europe), where as Japan’s main language is shared with no other country.

          • Aight, I’m picking up what your putting down. BUT if they spoke english they’d be ok??

          • You would hope. I never said it was ok, but I see why it might be necessary from a business cost sense.

  • IMO the only people who have a reason to get mad about this are the Japanese.

    But not releasing this on PC is worthy of a few mads IMO.

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