Destiny Looks Beautiful Even When It’s Standing Still

Destiny Looks Beautiful Even When It’s Standing Still

This isn’t technically a screenshot, since it’s a lot of screenshots stitched together to form a panorama, but still. The effect is stunning.

It was put together by reader Fox. Thanks Fox! You can embiggen the image by clicking the “expand” button in the top-left corner.

Note that the game also looks rather nice in motion as well.


  • I’ve got my fingers crossed that maybe this will make it to PC…eventually. I definitely want to play it, but can’t justify buying an XBOne or PS4 when I’ve got a perfectly good PC.

    Help me O-Bungie-Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

      • If it was orbiting the planet fast enough, it wouldn’t need magic. For it to be geostationary, the planet itself would need to be revolving that fast too though.

        It would lead to some interesting effects at the tops of those mountains though …

          • I guess if it had the same average density as the surrounding air that might do the trick

            Simply being hollow doesn’t stop it from being affected by gravity though: the mass of the orbiting body gets cancelled out when you look at the equations to balance gravitational force with centripetal force.

        • no he isnt kidding, there are moon wizards. Peter Dinklage saying “that wizard is from the moon” is pretty much one of the best things about the game, no matter how ridiculous it is.

          Also its not a moon its a alien being.

  • It may not be the best looking next gen game, but it has scale, I’ll give it that. I’ll try it sometime on PS4, but still hoping for a PC release. Online games are better when you have options and no paywall…

    • What is the best looking next gen game in your opinion? I was frothing at the mouth when I saw the alpha.

      • I don’t have one favourite but Rise, Killzone and Infamous all have something special about them.

        Destiny looks good, but not much better than anything I’ve been playing on PC already like the other games I have mentioned that do look better in some areas when compared to modern PC games.

        Don’t get me wrong, it looks good, just not amazing. There isn’t anything ‘next-gen’ about the visuals (As much as I hate that phrase.) Like I say though the scale looks very impressive and I’m not nocking the game in anyway, just saying there is better in terms of visual ‘power’ if you will.

        That said, it looks good. It looks like a modern PC game maxed out (Mind you it’s no Crysis 3, but I think you get my point.), which is great and all, but nothing new. IMHO of course.

        • Solid full hd framerates in alpha with an incredibly high view distance and DoF, yeah it’s very “next gen”. While the environments themselves aren’t mind blowing in style (they are pretty much just your typical real world shooter stuff albeit post apocalyptic) the mood and tones are amazingly set and the lighting are definitely what sets it apart from what we’ve been playing on PCs.

          • I’ve only seen video’s of infamous but my impression is that it was the first game on the new consoles to do a good job of looking good. I did get to play Rise which was great but they were smaller environments compared to Destiny’s. Killzone looked good but the gameplay didn’t do it for me, single player was lacking.
            Dentiny’s is a bit too, you just go up to beacons and do what it says, the story doesn’t feel pushed onto you enough, or the missions just don’t reveal much, at least for me. Others will enjoy the freedom.

          • I hope the full game fixes those things you dindn’t like in the Beta. As I say, Destiny looks good, just it looks like it traded cutting edge visuals for scale (I am MORE than OK with that!)

            Infamous was the first game this gen where I was surprised at what we are going to see. So I do think its fair to say that it looks great. Killzone was a looker, but as you say not much else. It pails in comparison to KZ2 IMO. Destiny looks good, but not a ‘wow, this gen is better than I thought!’ and more of a ‘Yeah, that looks nice. Better than most current games and so BIG!’

            Each to their own.

  • I was disappointed at first with the alpha, but the more I played, the more I enjoyed it. Some of the voice acting is pretty poor, but it can look damn nice at times.

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