Destiny’s E3 Trailer Is Full Of Expensive Space Magic

Video: This is Destiny’s big, expensive E3 trailer. I dunno. The more I see of this game, the less it looks like its “cowboys in post-apocalyptic space” concept art it debuted with.

I liked that.


      • Im a massive fan of Halo but Halo 4 really did feel like it was trying to be Call of Duty. It left it’s roots and tried to grasp the generic norm of military shooters.

    • …Sony already did that it’s called Flopzone.. seriously Destiny is just a pretty shiny more serious version of Borderlands, I think we will all love it

  • I actually quite like the look and setting Bungie is going with for this one, but I’m just not really sold on the gameplay. Here’s hoping it turns out good.

  • Looks cool, probably fun.

    Disappointed in the generic “Evil Darkness” antagonist that you the “Chosen One” are to fight.
    I mean sure, limited info from a trailer etc but come on, bring some depth to these things. You are better than black and white, comic book style noble hero vs total evil narratives Bungie.

    Would have preferred if it was about the aftermath of aliens kicking humanity in the nads for our hubris like it originally seemed.

  • I’m terribly confused…so in this game you are earth’s last hope.

    All 1 million or so players who played this game online are earth’s last hope….I’d say earth is doing pretty okay with that many heroes…

  • Almost seemed epic, up to the point where it seems the worst thing in the galaxy is actually just some demon insects and it can be all be solved by a few guys jumping around with some hand held weapons.

  • I don’t know, game play looks so generic – like any other action fps- taking its self seriously but actually just another run and gun game. Use a hundred bullets in the head to take down an enemy. Spray and pray game play.

  • Yeah this game looked to have real promise but is starting to look MMO generic mixed with FPS generic.

    And again it looks as if the games visuals have been downgraded or am I seeing things.

    As is the norm all great looking games with, atmosphere, story, gameplay and visuals all get downgraded and made generic, they make it look epic at first to get the hype train rolling but are then too scared to lose money so they make it generic to save money and cater to the droves of boring people out there who aren’t interested in progress.

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