Devil’s Third, Next Game From Ninja Gaiden Creator, Is Wii U Exclusive

Devil’s Third, Next Game From Ninja Gaiden Creator, Is Wii U Exclusive
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Just announced on IGN‘s E3 livestream, Devil’s Third will be showing up only on Nintendo’s home console. The unlikely pairing of Tomonobu Itagaki’s blood-and-guts fetish with Nintendo’s traditionally family-friendly philosophy is a surprise, but the deal does lend credence to earlier statements that the game was close to done.


  • I wonder what is this game’s gimmick. 3rd-person action games are so overdone now that they need either a gameeplay or mechanic gimmick, or impressive graphics. While the graphics of this game are quite good for the Wii U, the fans of this kind of games will find them lacking compared to the ones in the other consoles, which usually house them.

    Nice to know third-party support is not completely dead for the Wii U. For that reason alone, I hope this will be a success.

    • unfortunately, like the wii, i doubt third party games like this are going to sell well.

      bayonetta 2 might be a wiiu exclusive now but once it doesnt sell well it’ll get released on the xbone/ps4.

      hopefully im wrong and more 3rd party games sell well on the wiiu but its already struggling in sales and the big sellers as usualy are nintendo games.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaat! Hey, I actually feel the urge to buy a WiiU now. Strange – I’m not really interested in this game… but I have a sudden urge to play Super Mario 3D World.

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