Do You Think The Lupin Movie Will Be Terrible?

Do You Think The Lupin Movie Will Be Terrible?

This isn’t the first Lupin The Third trailer, but it’s the longest one to date. It also gives us a good look at the live-action version. Well, whaddaya think? Will it suck?

The movie opens in Japan on August 30 and will be directed by Ryuhei Kitamura of Azumi and Godzilla: Final Wars fame. Kitamura also directed the cutscenes for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

映画『ルパン三世』予告編 [Cinema Today — Thanks Lee!]


  • I like that they are making a movie of it, but I dont like lupin and fujiko being japanese, they were always drawn as european… kind of breaks the flow from the art work.

  • Yeah, what the hell man? The trailer looks awesome and everyone involved are all pretty cool people.

  • It looks terrible….. in the most awesome way!
    Cant wait to see it, I wonder if they will screen it in Melbourne somewhere?

  • Yeah. Looks cool.
    Oguri Shun doesn’t get many chances to play a role other than “Cool quiet athlete”.
    Just as long as there is no rotating camera angles like Azumi… that hurt my brain.

  • Can’t be any worse than the boring, pretentious French live-action version from a few years back.

  • Well, whaddaya think? Will it suck?

    Guess professionalism doesn’t count for shit when dealing with Bashcraft.

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