Dota 2 Player Apparently Gets Robbed At Gunpoint While Streaming

Footage has surfaced online showing a Dota 2 player being robbed at gunpoint in the middle of playing a match of the popular online video game and streaming it through Twitch.

You can watch the entire portion of the video that captures the real-world events up top. It shows Dota 2 player Nikki Elise, who plays the game and streams footage under the online handle Sajedene, playing for a few moments before hearing a knock at the door. She then runs to investigate, and a minute later someone holding a gun steps into the frame.

Elise’s Twitch channel, which originally broadcast the footage, is now closed. A statement on the landing page reads: “The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.” As of this writing her Twitter account has also remained inactive, with no tweets being sent that address the robbery.

Matthew Bailey of the eSports-focused website onGamers said on Twitter that Elise and a fellow Dota 2 streamer are “very shaken up but ok”.

I’ve reached out to Twitch and the Dota 2 players involved in this story for comment and will update this story as soon as I hear back.


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