Dreamfall Chapters Will Be A Series Of Episodic Releases

Briefly: The long-awaited sequel to The Longest Journey isn't going to be one big game anymore. Dreamfall Chapters will now be coming out as a series of episodic releases — with the first one hitting late 2014 — according to an update on the crowdfunded game's Kickstarter page.


    Still excited. And in line with the original Dreamfall Chapters announcement all those years ago.


    This game being episodic isn't news, It was confirmed to be episodic when it was announced. Hence the word "chapters" in its title.

      The Kickstarter aimed to release it as a full release though, but you're right... all news before the Kickstarter implied it was episodic. :)

    So I played Dreamfall a bit years ago and really enjoyed it. I never beat it. I noticed it's on Steam now. Question is, how well has it held up to the test of time? I'm considering getting it and playing through in anticipation of this but I don't want to be disappointed by antiquated game design.. thoughts?

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