E3 2014 Predictions

E3 2014 Predictions

Here at Kotaku we’re predicting that there will be a gaming expo in Los Angeles next week. Sources say there will be news from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. What else will happen? E3 prediction time!

I’ll go first. Mind you, I’m guessing

  • We’ll hear about an Xbox One/PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V. (Justification: Because even though Rockstar doesn’t really do E3, news about their games is often featured in the big Microsoft and Sony press conferences. A new-gen GTA V just makes too much sense and would make too much money not to happen. Maybe it will even come with the promised single-player DLC that we know nothing about. But, oh man, don’t ask me to predict when they will announce a PC version.)
  • Metroid will return… on the 3DS. (Justification: Well, Nintendo’s got a 90-minute Wednesday evening press event dedicated to a single game, and while the Metroid series isn’t exactly the juggernaut it would be in a righteous world, I do know that Nintendo likes to showcase some of its more hardcore-gamer-oriented games in its after-hours E3 sessions. And, other than something brand new, what else could be a big deal on a 3DS already swimming in Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., Zelda? The machine has already hosted just about all the other big Nintendo franchises. Sorry, F-Zero fans.)
  • Nintendo will up the Wii U to 128GB of storage. (Justification: They appear to be phasing out at least one of the 32GB models. They love bragging about how many copies of their new games are bought digitally. And because it’s the year 2014 and a console with only 32GB of internal storage, well… that ain’t right.)

OK. Maybe I’ll throw in more below, but I’d like to get your predictions too. Fire away!


  • Two Metroids. 2D for 3DS, and 3D for Wii U. You read it here first folks!*

    * Report may or may not be complete BS.

    • Yup. Also: IDK about the HDD upgrade for WiiU. One of the best things about the U is that you can use a normal USB HDD to expand storage and Nintendo have stuck with that premise so far. I think a price drop isn’t out of the question though. Maybe gamecube support and gamecube to be put on the WiiU eshop.

  • Square-enix will announce the FFXIII trilogy on PS4/XBone, when they should announce it for PC.

  • – Last of Us Remastered comes out the week (or at most month) after Sony’s Presser.
    – Nintendo has their best e3 in years and they didn’t even have a conference (digital event and smash bros tourney will be good).
    – Sony shows morpheus on stage with tech demos (maybe 1 game). 2016. No price announced.
    – MS locks up a third party exclusive again, this time an already established IP. No idea what but it won’t be from EA or Ubisoft.
    – MS announce they are bringing rare back from the dead the a new banjo.
    – Sony delay the Order 1886 to 2015.
    – Valve comes to E3 (either MS or Sony presser) with Left for Dead 3 or Portal 3 running on Source 2.
    – (This is my first time predicting this btw) Sony finally ends the running joke and brings Last Guardian. Late 2014/2015.
    – Will not see Uncharted – maybe another teaser but not in any other form. 2015/2016.
    – Halo 2 Anniversary becomes Halo 1+2+3+4 on the X1.
    – Ridley trolling continues by Sakurai and announced as a stage boss for Smash Bros. People swear never again etc… end up buying wii u just for smash.
    – MS will give some token announcements to PC gamers in their conference. Halo collection finally comes to PC, will be a port of X1 version but it is finally coming. Dead Rising 3 also makes the jump to PC.

    So i think:

    Compared to last year Sony is going to have an average E3. They have been bringing the heat for years in terms of the number of exclusives and for whatever reason they just aren’t any more. They need to announce something else for this year that is going to get Sony fans excited other then Driveclub (and i still believe The Order will slip into 2015). Morpheus will outstay its welcome on stage. Next Assassin’s on stage with Destiny but third party titles with 60 minutes of exclusive content being the only reason on stage will start to grow tiring year after year.

    MS will bring the heat this E3 – spend the first 10-15 minutes on TV/UI/Sales and then straight into wall to wall games. Announce more exclusives for the X1 to keep up with any exclusives Sony announces. Show off some more Sunset Overdrive, show off Forza Horizon 2. A better E3 for MS with some actual surprises (they already have by saying they aint even showing Quantum Break till gamescom).

    Nintendo’s Digital Event will also bring the heat – in fact i think it will be one of their most successful “conferences” in the last 3-4 years. Smash Bros. Tourney will be really successful – it is what will keep people watching online during e3 after the press conferences and it is great to see Ninty recognising competitive smash for the first time in such a big way.

    Nintendo/MS to win E3, with Sony a close third.

    • You are already right lol.

      1) The order was delayed to 2015 already and

      2) Dead Rising 3 has already been announced to be joining all the ‘exclusives that Ms swore will never go to pc or ps’ that end up on pc anyway.

      Wonder what else though.

      Personally I think we will see uncharted. People from press are starting to say they have seen it and it looks good. At this point its Sonys big gun. So I expect to see it. We will see the RPG gorilla have been working on and something from media molecule and Santa Monica along with morphius and some Indies/ new Ip. As historicaly sony have had more games because of their sheer amount of studios, I expect this year to be the same. (not being biased, but they normally do). They may announce a ps4/ vita bundle.

      Ms will have halo, Forza, gears and news on the kinectless xbox one (already announced I know) and maybe news on current games in the works (and everyone hopes for a Banjo game so I’ll put that here :). The new cod will be at there conference too.

      Nintendo will have zelda, metroid, Mario and maybe a new ip/ Zombiu 2. I think nintendo will surprise everyone, they have been lately.

      Edited spelling and such.

      Edit 2: oh! Maybe Infamous on the vita. But doubt it. I just remember there was speculation a while back. Maybe a Gta for vita too now that I’ve thought about the Vita.

      Edit 4: I think Sony will probably win, they have been for a while. But personally I want nintendo to win, and as I say they have been surprising lately so I think they stand a chance. Plus sony and ms have been a little predictable lately, nintendo on the other hand..

      Bring on the awesome from all 3 big guns. Can’t wait.

      • Wow – can’t believe i didn’t know about the order delay till now. Also DR3 for PC was announced hours ago so i had no idea 😛 But thanks for the update.

        The thing with Uncharted i guess it depends how much the new leads (Druckmann and Straley) will want to show because they were brought on for a reason and that was to change its direction slightly. I don’t think there has been enough time since they have been put on lead and a public e3 reveal but maybe.

        Also while i completely neglected the Vita in my predictions, i imagine an announcement for a Vita/PS4 bundle is not far off but other then that it will still be Sony’s neglected child.

        • I have more news for you!! 😛

          The ‘new’ leads on Uncharted 4 are in fact the guys who were the leads on Uncharted 2! They have been showing a lot to press behind closed doors so i don;t see why they wouldn’t at E3.

          The Vita will yes, still be the neglected child :'(

        • If there was any change to uncharted it would be to let you complete the game non-lethally, that’s always the biggest criticism levelled at those games

          • Maybe. I just always thought of him as an Indy or Mal (Firefly) type of guy. But yes, it is a big issue for many people.

    • Last Guar-di-an! Last Guar-di-an! Last Guar-di-an!

      Hopefully chanting it will make it come true. At this stage, I’d comfortably say it’s a PS4 game. Imagine, Team ICO have skipped an entire generation of game console!

  • A few MS predictions
    1) MS will open up their independent publishing program for XB1 more, ability to turn a retail XB1 into a dev kit coming before the end of the year.
    2) Universal apps extended to XB1. Buy an app/game once, get it on XB1, W8, WP8 (they’ve already said this is coming eventually, hopefully they’ll announce a timeframe for it, maybe show off a few small indie games that support it)
    3) New Rise of Nations for pc.

  • Titanfall 2 coming to PS4, XBone and PC but not PS3 or 360. Launching exactly 1 year after Titanfall.

    Thinking / hoping that Sony will dust off the Colony Wars series. Hasn’t had an outing since the original Playstation, but these space sims are a good fit for VR, so would make sense for Morpheus. A Morpheus version of WipeOut could be pretty cool / nauseating, too.

    • Sorry can’t see Titanfall 2 happening anytime within next year. Respawn is quite a small team and they are not even meeting internal targets for releasing season pass content yet alone a sequel.

      • I agree! They are a small team so I don’t see a sequel happening any time soon.

        Although I don’t think it’s off the table for a version of Titanfall for PS that has been ‘slightly tweaked’ to allow for a ‘loop hole’ as it were.

        And @Braaains WipeOut VR would be AWESOME!!!!!

  • Hmmm

    Apart from the expected things (Halo, Forza H, Fable, sunset OD) I’m predicting…

    Crackdown 3
    Left 4 Dead 3 (Valve has been too quiet lately)
    Banjo-Kazooie 3 (immediate system sale for me)
    Perfect Dark (those rumours died down but they were there a few months back)
    Some other big PC game
    Tomb Raider 2 (I’m certain this will be shown this E3 they would’ve been developing it for over a year now)

    Demon Souls 2
    The Last of Us (I want to note this be the THIRD E3 with The Last of Us so it’s ludicrous but Sony have a way of bogging down their conference with mind numbing shite like Batman DLC!)
    A new Crash Bandicoot (my pipe dream!)
    Surgeon Simulator and Goat Simulator exclusives

  • I don’t think that the mystery 3DS title will be Metroid. If Nintendo is devoting 90 minutes to a title, it’s something that they think that they need to explain in order hype up… For Metroid, all they’d need to do is show the logo and the hype would start up without them. I think the mystery 3DS is something new, probably something with unusual gameplay.

    I think Microsoft is going to have a poor showing this e3. They’re going to be trying to run damage control after removing the Kinect but considering how terrible their PR has been they’ll bungle that somehow. In regards to games, they’ll focus heavily on Halo 5 but showcase how the game emphasizes all the wrong things.

    • If all MS show is their holy quartet of Halo/Fable/Forza/Gears then they’ve lost the show. People like me (who own a 360 and haven’t upgraded and certainly didn’t buy one of any of those staid games) well rember when Microsoft turned their attention to Kinect and suddenly the only exclusives were Kinect games of the aforementioned quartet.

      The last good year for exclusives was 2010 with Crackdown 2, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction.

      They are sitting on a gold mine of intellectual property courtesy of Rare; Rare doesn’t have to develop it but don’t let it go to waste!

  • Oh didn’t forget Nintendo, was just taking ageist to comment and something came up!


    They’ll show the obvious stuff like Bayonetta, X, Smash Bros

    Then what we might see…
    Mario Maker seems to be a thing, could even be the big 3DS game people are talking about

    What I’d like
    A new Starfox
    A new Metroid
    A sequel to Mother (remember there was going to be Earthbound 64 a WiiU exclusive Earthbound would force a lot of people to buy a WiiU)
    A new Balloon Fight (based off the G&W)
    A new F-Zero

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