EA Game Sale Makes Fun Of Steam

EA Game Sale Makes Fun Of Steam

If you visit the Origin homepage right now, this is the first thing you’ll see. And when the bulk of Steam jokes run with the premise of people buying a ton of cheap games that you’ll never play, this ad seems like a clear jab at Steam.

Maybe the entire thing seems ludicrous to you, but between Origin’s return policy and its free game program, Origin is genuinely doing some great stuff with its digital service — stuff which Valve doesn’t do. Well, for now. Here’s hoping that the competition changes that.


  • Coincidentally when I picked up that EA humble bundle I have only played dead space 3 since then. So I got a bunch of unplayed games sitting in origin now.

  • My first thought was backlogs in general. Bit of a stretch saying this is specifically against steam. Also ‘games you’ll actually play’? If you say so EA 😉

  • I thought this was an EB games sale when I read the headline and got excited.

    • You still buy at EB games?
      I only buy there if they have some great exclusive content – digital deluxe editions and the like doesn’t count, you can get that from the publisher too.

      • Eh, they price match and you get the game day 1. I’ve bought from pubs before and waited and waited and waited…

        • They don’t always price match – I was at Pacific Fair at the goldie, checked EB, checked JB was for StarCraft 2. At Jb: 69.90, at EB: 89:90, same edition. Hey EB, price match? Nope, ain’t gonna happend.
          Dear JB, here, take my money and give me game.

          • Fair enough. Next time ask for the store managers details and make a complaint. Breaking their own policy right there.

            Edit: phone derps.

          • Will do next time this happens.
            Most recent one was with BigW and their $5 for Doom BFG edition – 19.99 at EB. EB said: Not going to price match online retailers only local stores. Fair enough, but hey, I am free to spend my money where I want.

          • They’ve actually changed the rule without telling anyone. Price matching now has an “at the manager’s discretion” line added to it. So they can deny you and complaints won’t make a difference. In fairness, they are seriously not in a position to take the price down that far, EB genuinely pay a premium price for their games in order to get the perceived best deals on collector’s editions. Quite often, jb and Big W etc. are selling the games at far below cost price, which they can afford but EB cannot. Kind of irresponsible for EB to offer a deal they can’t guarantee but why even go there when it’s way cheaper across the road?

          • Pretty much – If I as a consumer can save some cash by not shopping at EB for the exact same product, then it’s the seller’s problem for losing business.

          • Several people who worked at EB have told me most of the reason they are so expensive and don’t always price match in Aus (as far as I know they have to price match anything if it’s valid in NZ) is because places like JB either break even or lose money in most game sales as they use it as a way of getting people into the store to buy things which make real money.

            EB or any dedicated games stores font have that luxury so have to make the bulk of their money off game sales

      • I got Tales of Xillia for $28.50 because they didn’t have any Day One Editions left when I ordered it online a few days ago while it was on sale for $36 ($38.50 due to postage). Online Error FTW! I dought you could get the game cheaper even online. Australian versions are also rarer. (If it’s an not Europe import which has a sticker you can remove, I’m talking about ones where it’s part of the cover art).

        EB games is having a sale atm anyway because they know Steam sale is coming.

        PS: Game also came sealed since I ordered online.

  • *Games you’ll actually play*

    What you mean like Titanfall (havent played since about 2 months ago) and Brokenfield 4?

    You’re funny EA. In an underachieving stepchild sort of way.

  • All the games I’m looking forward to are on steam. Ea, you do not pass go, you do not collect $200. Got a few I don’t play on origin; and titanfall just died before it even reached the first dlc. Sux cause I bought the stupid season pass.

    • Or Sims 3…
      That game is 5 years old and they are still trying for almost full price. By now, it should be sold for 19.99 for the full bundle.

      • You could easily find the game with Late Night pretty cheap on trading sites. It was in a Humble Bundle

        • Yeah, I know what you mean, but tbh, by now, I don’t even care. I played the game when it was new & fresh, now I have other stuff to play with, and installing 1 game, 3 or 4 stuff packs and 13 expansions just takes up a whole day.

      • They don’t sell the full bundle because if you install the whole thing at the same time the game is unplayable. It runs smooth in game but you get 20+ minute load times on an SSD.

        Whenever your sim decides to go somewhere with a loading screen you just get this feeling of dread.

        • Yeah, that was like that with 5 expansions already. I tried it will all expansions – wasn’t THAT bad, still, lots of loading screen.

          • I had all the expansions and every single piece of store content released 😛

          • Considering how much that would cost, I see why they call you piratepete 😉

  • I’m sure steam are really quaking in their boots.
    Maybe EA should join forces with Ubisoft to make both their online clients better. (two rights do make a wrong?)

  • Games I’d actually play? You’re right EA, I probably would play them if it weren’t for Origin.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m still waiting to play Mass Effect 3 and it won’t be on Origin.

  • I’m quite happy with Steam, however so that statement may be true, I find that It allows me to play games I normally won’t play and you know what I enjoy them.

    The only reason why I am forced to have origin is becuase of BF3 and TF which have not been touched in months.

    recently been playing the hell out of Prison archi and assetto corsa.

  • Apparently these are the games we will actually play:
    The Sims™ 3 11:99
    Mass Effect™ 3 $5.99
    Battlefield 3™ $8.99
    Awakened $2.99
    The Sims™ 3 Worlds Bundle $5.99
    Dragon Age™ II $5.99
    Mirror’s Edge™ $2.99
    SPORE™ $5.99
    Dead Space™ 2 $5.99
    The Sims™ 3 Master Suite Stuff $5.99
    The Sims™ 3 Dragon Valley $5.99
    Crysis® 2 Maximum Edition $8.99
    Battlefield 3™ Armored Kill $5.99
    Bulletstorm™ $5.99
    Battlefield 3™: End Game $5.99
    Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 SPECACT Kit $1.65
    Medal of Honor™ Digital Deluxe Edition $8.99
    FIFA 10 $2.99
    Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3: Uprising $5.99
    Alice: Madness Returns™ $5.99
    Dragon Age™: Origins $5.99
    The Saboteur™ $2.99
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™ $5.99
    Command & Conquer™ 4 Tiberian Twilight $5.99
    Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3 $5.99
    Need for Speed™ ProStreet $2.99
    Need for Speed™ SHIFT $2.99
    Need for Speed™ Undercover $2.99
    Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars™ $4.49

    • We’re not supposed to have a backlog if we buy those? Incidentally, I have several of those titles in my backlog already, unplayed.

  • Steam may have so many great deals that you buy games you never get the time to play, but at least those games are playable.

  • i partly think they’ve got a point…

    steam is full of waaaayyyy too much shit these days… and this is coming from someone with approx 1550+ games on steam… too much shit…

  • Steam fanboy 4 lyfe reporting in, etc. Token resistance: “Really? I thought the joke was the prices.”

    Maybe the entire thing seems ludicrous to you, but between Origin’s return policy and its free game program, Origin is genuinely doing some great stuff with its digital service — stuff which Valve doesn’t do.
    Credit where credit is due.

    I resent the platform for exclusives like ME3/BF3 which mean to play them I have to run TWO overlays or lose access to the social features of Steam (which I use heavily), but otherwise… they know what they have to do to catch up, but don’t want to, and are trying ‘alternatives’ like these features Steam doesn’t do. Kind of a shame they don’t do all of the above and actually, y’know… win.

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