EA Just Can’t Keep The Next Battlefield Game A Secret

EA Just Can’t Keep The Next Battlefield Game A Secret

I’m sure a few months back EA had a nice, clear marketing scheme laid out for its next Battlefield game, Hardline. A scheme that’s now in tatters. UPDATE: EA has now released the trailer officially.

ORIGINAL POST: The game was revealed in the press ahead of time. So EA made a very brief, official announcement. But then an early trailer leaked. Then some gameplay footage. Now the game’s E3 trailer is out there.

EA Just Can’t Keep The Next Battlefield Game A Secret

While EA is scrubbing the clip from YouTube, we’ve seen it, and… let’s just say it doesn’t cover your average, everyday police work.

Set in Los Angeles, the trailer shows off Hardline’s singleplayer campaign, suggesting that you play one of two cops who are…well, driving around shooting at everything. You shoot from moving cars. Helicopters are shooting (and crashing). Cops in body armour are advancing and… shooting.

EA Just Can’t Keep The Next Battlefield Game A Secret

There is even a cop sliding across the front of a police car.

The end of the trailer reveals an October 21 release date (and a PlayStation bumper, suggesting this was supposed to be part of Sony’s E3 press conference).


  • The ONLY interesting thing about this new Call of Battlefield, is that I might have the chance to play as a cop in multiplayer. Unless I can slap the handcuffs on a 4chan wannabe player I don’t want to see anything else about the game.


  • Hey guys, let’s make a game. What, we’re not sure it’s going to sell too well? WELL SLAP ON THE BATTLEFIELD NAME AND CALL IT A DAY. BOO-YAH!

  • Does anyone remember that kickstarter for a police based FPS that was pulled really quickly? Wonder if that has anything to do with this game.. or just a coincidence?

  • So as a police officer, presumably you’ll get bonuses for disabling opponents non-lethally, and be penalised for head shots?

  • Keen to at least give this a go. I love the BF games, but BF4 tested my patience at times.. still a fun MP game though.

  • TO be fair, Only BF4 has had a terrible time in terms of bugs and glitches. In my experience that has been fixed with the latest patch after the CTE. BF3 had a rocky start, but it was sorted pretty quickly. All other Battlefield games have been great IMHO!

    I also really liked BF3’s CQ expansion, and I feel that this can expand on that in a positive and interesting way. I often felt more like a swat team member in Close Quarters than I did a soldier. I also think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by the scale of some of the maps, they won’t all be tiny like the close quarters maps, but just as well designed.

    I feel like it will be not a major, but a refreshing spin-off from the main series of Battlefield games. Hard to explain, but I do feel good about this game!

    • Yeah I want Close Quarters 2 as a full stand alone game.

      Those four maps were better than all the last several COD games put together.

      • Well I think this just may well be that game. Hopefully we’ll see Operation 925, Scrapmetal, Ziba Tower & Donya Fortress in Hardline!!!!!!

        • Nah, we don’t. Did you see the leaked game play footage?

          It was a smallish city based map. With helicopters that take about 5 seconds to fly from one end of the map to the other. It’s going to be very objective based I believe.

  • I’m going to need some convincing on this.

    As much as I say I will never pre-order another COD game again. The new one does look good. COD for me is the MP and MW3 and Ghosts are awful in my opinion. BF for me is where the MP has been at. However the BF4 issues and how long they took to be ‘fixed’ really puts me off buying another BF game. Especially not at launch.

    Despite the claims for BF4 finally being fixed, it’s really just slightly improved. The game is still buggy as hell. Bugs which have been around for months are still there. Some bugs they have even said they fixed in patches are still there.

    • Have you played Fistful of frags yet its free good fun and your not giving money to the devil witch is always nice

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