EA Sports UFC Has The Best Glitches Since FIFA

EA Sports UFC Has The Best Glitches Since FIFA

Or Skate 3 for that matter. In fact, now that I think about it — why do EA Sports games have such amazing glitches?

Anyway, point being EA Sports UFC has some fantastic glitches and I’m going to show you some of them. You may have already seen the one we posted earlier, but that’s just the tip of a glitchy, glitchy iceberg.

Above you can see Rhonda Rousey doing something weird with full backmount. No idea how she’s going to get the armbar from that position.

In the below video Jon Jones basically loses his arm. Weird body horror vibe from this one.

And here we have Jon Jones doing some other weird stuff. Either people really like playing as Jon Jones or he’s especially glitchy (I suspect people just really like playing as Jon Jones).

And finally, here’s Clay Guida playing dead like a certain Portuguese striker.

You can find more over at MMAJunkie


  • I haven’t played this game, but from the looks of those video’s posted it looks like the hits (punches and kicks) lack any real impact, maybe it’s the force behind the punch or kick, or it could be the reaction of the person who is being hit, something just does not look right about it.

    Maybe someone who has played the game can shed some more light on this.

    • You know the old saying “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” well EA took a very good THQ game and broke it into a billion pieces.

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