Enough Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Footage To Stab A Spine With

New characters, old characters, new stages, new moves. This is a huge gameplay demonstration of the latest Mortal Kombat game, presented by series creator Ed Boon.

I don’t really like Mortal Kombat that much, but I love this demonstration in principal. So much of E3 is bullshit, but this? This is live, raw gameplay, exactly the kind of thing people want to see.


  • I’m really digging the new visual direction they’re going with in MKX, I was a bit cynical at first ” This isn’t Mortal Kombat!! Where are the trademark oriental designs!? ” but it really fits in with the added violence, this is the most brutal and dark MK out of the lot. Excited to see further developments, I’m hoping Havik, Hotaru and Drahmin are in the game, they’d really blend in with the new Medievil/Ancient Civilization theme they’re going for here.

    • Drahmin! Oh man I totally forgot about that guy. That massive metal arm downward punch to air juggle got. Me. Goin.

      Sound effects were awesome.

  • gees I thought everyone knew that when Noob Saibot was in MK2 and you forgot that Saibot came from Tobias .

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