Even Pokémon Think Taking Turns In Battles Makes No Sense

If you think about it, waiting around and letting someone attack you while you do nothing is kind of silly. Undoubtedly, the Pokémon we throw into battle feel that way about turn-based combat too.

Here's a funny video by Shippiddge, where Pokémon decide to stop playing by the rules and just fight normally for experience points. It's not quite as wholesome as regular Pokémon though.

A Wild Encounter [Shippiddge]


    I really, really tried to like turn based combat in many games, but it always just looks stupid.

      I'm not usually a fan either, but I really enjoy the Advance Wars and X-Com series.

    Try balancing real time combat for 649+ unique characters... then you'll realize turn based is the only way it can really work. Even with turn based battling, its hard enough for them.

    Pokemon do not take turns attacking. They attack at the same time and the pokemon with the higher speed stat lands a hit first. Have you ever had a PvP Pokemon battle? It's not a big secret that trainers call out attacks at (roughly) the same time.

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