Fan-Theory: Link In The New Zelda Is A Girl

It was Michelle Starr, from CNet who made me aware of it. I hadn’t really been paying attention but, then again, I am a guy. I noticed that Link was looking a little more… ‘feminine’ in our first look at Zelda, but I never asked myself the question: could Link be a girl in the new Zelda game?

Look at the above picture — is that a bust, or has Link just gotten hella swole around that area, benching 200kgs and whatnot?

I’m going to say no. I’m saying Link remains male in this one. I think it would be a brilliant, brave and completely radical move on Nintendo’s part to make Link a female or to even provide the option (Link is a silent protagonist after all) but my feeling is that Nintendo would be far too cagey about doing something that dramatic.

I truly, honestly hope to be proven wrong on this. I actually think the option of being female in Zelda is something Nintendo could add to the game without ruining any semblance of consistency in the storyline. Personally, I’d love to see it happen.


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