Far Cry 4's Villain Seems Like A Real Jerk

Far Cry 4's Villain Seems Like A Real Jerk

Ubisoft debuted the first five minutes of Far Cry 4 during its E3 presentation today, and it features a most uptight villain — someone you might remember from the game's box art.

The footage, which you can watch above, shows you passing through the Himalayas when all of a sudden your bus is stopped — and everyone around you is gunned down. But then the unnamed villain comes around and seems to recognise you, saving you from being killed. Could he be related to you? It kind of seemed that way, to be honest.

Then, after killing one of his minions for not being able to follow directions, he takes a selfie with you. Because memories or something. He seems unhinged, in the same sort of way Vaas of Far Cry 3 seemed to be.

A quick aside: I can't believe these arseholes killed the monkey. Unforgivable!


    Yo, Ubisoft I'm really happy for you, and I'mma gonna let you finish, but Vaas was the best far cry villain of all time

    I like the guy........I hope we do get to hang out and tear shit up instead of saving yet another village of innocent people. I bet he has like a tiger as a pet or something that we can feed people to, that should fill out an afternoon.

      after watching the narrated gameplay trailer im guessing that the main character and him are related

      Agreed - I like that bit about tearing shit up - and he's very David Bowie

    I wonder if they'll kill him off half way through the game to be replaced by a less interesting villain?

    Yep hopefully not another overhyped character that's killed off

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